Zamperla details new plexiglass barriers for social distancing on attractions

In this challenging time as theme parks begin to reopen, social distancing on attractions has become a new normal. Ride designer Zamperla has come up with a new solution: plexiglass safety barriers on rides.


The concept for the plexiglass safety barrier will “guarantee” social distancing for theme park guests on attractions, and installation will be “easy, fast and affordable; no major changes to the ride are required.”


These barriers can be installed on the back of each ride seat, so that riders would have the safety barrier in front of their hands. This protects guests from germs spread through droplets that result from people speaking, sneezing, coughing, and screaming.


The Zamperla Prototype Team is working to design and manufacture these plexiglass barriers for the majority of their iconic attractions found in theme and amusement parks around the world, including Magic Bikes, Disk’O, Sky Tower, Happy Swing, Junior Coaster, and more.

Would these safety barriers make you feel safer on attractions? Would you rather have these as a safety measure than loading rides with limited capacity? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Just one more thing to ruin the ride experience. We already have oversized head rests and excessive restraint systems on rollercoasters. Now we have to wear face masks. Having to look through smeared plexiglass is the final straw. It is no longer going to be fun to ride. No to mention the shoelds look terrible and will most likely rattle the whole time we are riding. At least on the disko ride, they are only on the sides of the seats and would be less of a distraction.