‘Zootopia’, ‘Finding Dory’ and more ‘Frozen’ characters coming to Disney Parks soon

zootopia characters

Characters from the new Disney movies “Zootopia” and “Finding Dory” will be coming to Disney parks later this year. Plus a couple of “Frozen” characters will play games with guests.

Starting sometime this spring, guests will be able to see Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from “Zootopia” in the daily Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It street party at Magic Kingdom. Guests at Disney California Adventure will be able to meet the crime-fighting pair on Hollywood Boulevard.

Guests will also find new additions at Epcot in Turtle Talk with Crush. Beginning in early-May, Crush will be joined by Dory and some of her new friends from “Finding Dory”: Destiny the whale shark, Bailey the beluga whale, Hank the septopus, Squirt, Nemo and Marlin.

Over at Blizzard Beach, Olaf and Kristof from “Frozen” will host friendly, fun competitions in The Frozen Games. Guests will be able to join Team Kristof or Team Olaf and play games such as Ice Pail Relays, Snowball Toss, Ski Pole Limbo and Slide Races. Olaf and Kristoff will join the opening and closing ceremonies, and will give updates throughout the games.


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  1. I love Zootopia, I can’t wait to see those cute little characters in the park! The movie was so great, and so full of hidden references and Easter eggs. Some of my favorites include the animal-themed shop billboards (for things like Trader Doe’s, Urban Snout-fitters, and Snort’s Illustrated), two elephants wearing Anna & Elsa’s clothing from Frozen, and the Zootopia citizens pirating Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, and Big Hero 6 DVDs. But there are so many more to find! – John Glass (author, 100 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Disneyland 2016; facebook.com/100Disneyland )