1,028 days later – Walt Disney World misses parking trams deadline

Parking trams are still not back at all the Walt Disney World theme parks, a statement Disney themselves guaranteed it to happen by the end of 2022. Now, 1,028 days after they were taken away during COVID-19, Walt Disney World is still not offering theme park parking trams at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Why not?

1,022 days later, Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios still do not offer parking trams.

While all of the parking trams are not back, we are thankful they returned first to Magic Kingdom. We did a test. Without parking trams it can be a nearly 1,850 step walk, each way, to and from your car. This may not be the biggest deal to some. Although for elderly, or families with lots of kids, this can be a serious toll to start and end the day. For now, Disney parking trams are also offered at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This means the two longest-walk parking lots are currently taken care of. With the busyness of the holiday season, even the smaller parking lots can present a long walk. All four Walt Disney World theme parks charge the same for parking, regardless of parking tram availability.

We believe the problem mostly lies here, with Disney staffing shortages. This tweet by Bioreconstruct was posted last November. Now in January, the sign is still in front of Disney’s Casting building. But, when you check the Walt Disney World jobs website, there are no openings for parking operations. The closest related job is bus transportation maintenance.

The answer could also be that not enough Walt Disney World guests care and complain about the lack of parking trams. If Disney can charge the same price and deal with limited or no complaints, why pay for the extra tram assistance? If the majority of park-goers don’t care, then we understand why there isn’t a rush for the parking trams return.

How do you feel about the trams still not returning? And, when do you think they will finally come back?


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  1. SHAME on Disney for not having the Trams back as soon as the parks reached capacity again! Surprised there hasn’t been more of an uproar in the press as that is the ONLY way Disney seems to be shamed into doing the right thing. Thankfully we can walk but it’s sad to see the elderly, people with restricted capabilities, families with todders, etc. having to walk long distances to/from their cars. We also see A LOT of people very tired and confused trying to locate their cars in the huge parking lots after the park closes. Walt would be so ashamed at the state of his parks! Staffing issues? Maybe? Come on – the trams and people’s well-being should be a PRIORITY! NO EXCUSES, DISNEY! Now we all know this is a money saving measure – let’s tell it like it is!

  2. We visited in 2019 and tram running was limited. Epcot and Magic Kingdom entrances were being renovated. The walks left you near exhausted before you even began your day. Even Universal Studio parking garages were innovative with moving sidewalks. Come on Imagineers start to imagine being tired before you start your day.

  3. Where do we complain about the lack of trams ? As an elderly adult, I hate the extra walk after a full day in the parks. Leaving Epcot from the worlds after the fireworks to the parking lot is a long long way ..and at the end of a long day! I was not aware that Disney needs complaints in order to make changes. So where do we complain?

  4. Complaints don’t necessary equal change. But, voicing your concerns can help build a case for the trams return. The best location to voice concern would be guest relations inside of the parks or at Disney Springs.

  5. Disney should asmit that their parking system is outdated and build parking garages like universal. That system is great with wheelchairs available at each lot and walking platforms.

  6. Disney has sadly become the biggest scam artists in the industry. I visited Disney Orlando December 2021 with my grandchildren and vowed that I would not return. The “magic” has been pricey for sever years but I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for.” I was shocked at how disappointing we all were with the parks. The “reserved” tickets were a joke. The parks were more crowded than any other visit and the lack of quality was evident. Worst and most experience at any theme park ever. DONE WITH DISNEY AND THERE CRAP.