A look back at Star Wars Celebration V in photos and videos

Star Wars Celebration V took over the West Hall of the Orange County Convention Center for four days. But now that the creatures, droids and Stormtroopers have left, it’s time to look back. Whether you experienced the event or not, you’ll enjoy looking through our favorite photos and videos below.

These are just some of my favorite photos and videos from Star Wars Celebration V. All 100 photos can be found at the bottom of this page and in our photo gallery, and all of our videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.

We also had full coverage from Disney’s Hollywood Studios Last Tour to Endor event. Click Here for our photos and full videos of the Indiana Jone/Star Wars mashup, Star Wars-themed fireworks, Hyperspace Hoopla and the Star Tours Shutdown Ceremony.

This is one of the more creative costumes we saw. Aussie Vader is from Down Under.

You can meet Aussie Vader and other costumed fans in our Day One video below:

Costumed fan interviews and more from day one at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida

This was one of the most unusual things on display. A Star Wars toaster. I hope you like your toast Dark.

The crossover costumes got the most attention. Here’s one of my favorites, Super Mario, Luigi and Toad as Jedis.

Another crossover – Elvis Trooper.

Even the convention center security guards couldn’t resist the dark side.

Cutest costume has to be this toddler Chewbacca.

I like the way this young Jedi’s lightsaber lights up her face.

If you didn’t know there was a Star Wars convention in town, you might have gone the other way when you saw this group heading towards you.

Who knew Harry Potter is also a Stormtrooper.

Not your typical Darth Vader. I like to call her Lady Vader.

There was a wedding chapel set up for fans to commit their love to each other. You could have a Star Wars character officiate. But this one was even more unusual. This woman declared her love to R2-D2. Darth Maul was officiating, Darth Vader was the best man and model Adrianne Curry was the maid of honor.

This mother and daughter were dressed as mother and daughter – Queen Amidala with Princess Leia.

A fan favorite costume, it’s Wolverine Han Solo.

A record number of Slave Leias met on Saturday for this photo. More than 40 girls posed here and on a life size partial model of the Millennium Falcon.

She didn’t make it into the final group picture, but here’s one of the youngest Slave Leias.

With that many girls in bikinis, you need security.

Of course, where there’s a Slave Leia, there are guys with cameras.

We tracked down as many Slave Leias as we could (I know, tough job) so our reporter Jimmy Strater could find out why they decided to wear that particular costume. It seems many of them wore it just to please their husbands.

This little one isn’t at all intimidated by bounty hunters.

For Star Wars fans, there’s no better place to take a nap.

Our kid reporter Mindy Strater gives a great, funny look at the convention floor in this video:

Tour the Star Wars Celebration V hall floor with Jedi Mindy - See characters, fans, droids and more

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  1. OMG! That is a picture of my mini-van! My husband was excited to be attending Celebration V – can you tell? He even put it on the car carrier on the top of the van! How funny!