A look behind the scenes at ‘Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show’


Many of our viewers have asked for it, so here it is. It’s a behind the scenes look at one part of the filming of Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show.

Below is a look at the making of a Kennedy Space Center segment in our May 2012 episode. You’ll see our cameraman Jake Williams, show host and director Audrey Brown, show host Banks Lee (filming this behind the scenes video), producer Matt Roseboom and our host at Kennedy Space Center, Andrea Farmer.

We were on location shooting for most of a day at many different locations within the Space Center. Keep in mind that shooting the video is just one half of the process. Next comes capturing all the footage, reviewing it, then editing it down to the best pieces that best tell the story. Sometimes editing can take longer than the shoot. Not to mention all the tweaks we do to the footage to make it look and sound its best.

Although we all help out and often swap roles, most of the time, as with the Kennedy Space Center footage, it’s Audrey Brown who edits. She writes the script, directs and edits, and she also hosts and works the camera sometimes. Here’s a breakdown of all of the duties we sometimes have at some point in each episode:

Audrey Brown: Director, Producer, Host, Videographer, Writer, Video Editor
Jake Williams: Videographer, Video Editor
Banks Lee: Host, Video Editor, Videographer
Matt Roseboom: Producer, Writer, Videographer, Script Editor, Video Editor

All our other show hosts are professional hosts (who happen to be big theme park fans – a requirement) and that’s their only duty, except they’re all great at ad-libbing and adding to the scripts, so we have to give them a writing credit as well.

Here’s the look behind the scenes. Below that is the segment as it appeared in the May episode of the show.

Behind the Scenes of "Attractions - The Show" at Kennedy Space Center - shot with GoPro
Touring the VAB at Kennedy Space Center - Vehicle Assembly Building tour

The behind the scenes video was shot on April 20, 2012 with a GoPro HD2. Banks Lee was the videographer and video editor.


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