A second Aquatica water park now open at SeaWorld San Antonio


SeaWorld San Antonio recently introduced its guests to Aquatica Water Park. Like its sister park in Orlando, it’s a whimsical aquatic park with up-close animal experiences, high-speed thrills and relaxing, sandy beaches. Aquatica is the single largest capital project in park’s history.

The park’s signature ride, Stingray Falls, takes four-seat rafts down twists and turns to an underwater grotto, where guests come face-to-fin with stingrays and tropical fish. It’s the only ride of its kind in the world. Guests at Aquatica have the opportunity to experience stingrays in multiple ways. The most immersive program will be the “Stingray Encounter,” where guests can make reservations to feed and wade with stingrays inside the attraction. Guests can also feed and view the stingrays from a wall at the edge of the pool.

Aquatica’s stingray attraction, otherwise known as Ke-Re Reef, features 120,000 gallons of saltwater and includes cownose and Southern stingrays. With stingrays, tropical fish and birds, Aquatica will be home to more than 500 animals.

“What sets Aquatica apart from other water parks is that we offer our guests powerful connections with marine animals and one-of-a-kind waterslides in a lush, tropical setting. This is an experience you can’t find anywhere else.” said Dan Decker, park president.

Other experiences include:

  • Guest can soak up the sun at any of Aquatica’s three beaches. The park features 42,000 square feet of white, sandy beaches, all of which are lined with reclining lounge chairs.
  • Three terraced pools, which feature naturalistic rockwork, are the perfect spots for guests to relax. Guests can unwind with shallow water swimming, in-water seating and cool waterfalls.
  • For thrill seekers, Aquatica features 10 slides that are sure to speed up your pulse. “Walhalla Wave” offers the biggest thrill at Aquatica. A first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, Walhalla Wave takes a clover tube with up to four riders on a 720-degree loop into a 50-degree drop before sailing up a 3-story zero gravity wall.
  • Aquatica features some of the coolest kids’ play places around. “Walkabout Waters” is a 3-story, interactive, outdoor funhouse that provides countless ways to get wet and stay cool.

Here’s an overview video of Aquatica San Antonio:

Aquatica San Antonio water park by SeaWorld - slides, pools, beach & more

For more information or to purchase tickets click here.

Photos and video by Ken Yee.


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