An Alice in Wonderland-themed cocktail experience planned for Orlando

The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience — and the maddest tea party in Orlando — will entice the curious and the curiouser with an immersive, topsy-turvy cocktail adventure in Wonderland.

alice in wonderland, themed cocktail experience
Images courtesy of Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience

The 90-minute Alice in Wonderland-themed experience has been created by Viral Ventures Global, the same immersive event planning team behind The Wizard’s Den magical wizarding pop-ups and the Beyond Cinema movie-themed events.

Once inside a secret location in the heart of Orlando, guests will be able to take their chances with “Eat Me” cakes, paint the Queen of Hearts’ roses red, and play croquet with a flamingo. But, have no fear, animal lovers; the organizers guarantee that no flamingos will be harmed during this theatrical adventure.

alice in wonderland, themed cocktail experience, mad tea party

Just like Alice, partygoers who venture down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass will be required to solve riddles and complete challenges to unlock the ingredients they will need to create their own enchanted cocktails, all under the watchful eye of The Mad Hatter, of course.

alice in wonderland, themed cocktail party, mad tea party, eat me cakes

Pre-registration is required, and tickets must be purchased in advance (admission includes two bespoke cocktails and two “Eat Me” cakes).

Pre-register here to be the first to know when tickets go on sale.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse the organizers of any events we write about. Proceed with caution. Even with the best of intentions, many announced events end up not happening. Be sure to check the return policy and the legitimacy of the organizers before giving them any financial information. Buyer beware.


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