Step into the shows of Amazon Prime with ‘The Prime Experience’ pop-up

Amazon Prime is one of the many companies who has dropped into the world of streaming entertainment, and for a limited time, allowed guests to immerse themselves in some of their most popular shows with ‘The Prime Experience’.

prime experience

By Jake Goldberg

The Prime Experience recently returned for its third year at the Hollywood Athletic Club. The pop-up not only featured interactive exhibits, but showcased exclusive sneak peeks to upcoming series like “Bad Omens” and offered panels discussions sharing insight into the making of Prime’s original content.

prime experience

The Prime Experience was primarily targeted towards Television Academy members, but also offered events to the general public. These events gave fans an inside look into how a stunt team operates on set and the process of designing fashion for TV.

diner booth

Those lucky enough to get in had the opportunity to drive Susie’s car from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, explore a winter forest straight out of “Hanna”, and enter a portal to another reality like in “Man in the High Castle”.

marvelous mrs. maisel

For more information on the exhibit and its event offerings, take a look at the video below:

Amazon Prime Experience Pop-Up Attraction in Hollywood

The Prime Experience ran from April 12 – May 5, but have no fear; if you’re looking to still dive into your favorite tv shows, Netflix may have the answer.

The streaming platform has just begun their own “For Your Consideration”, taking place in Los Angeles at Raleigh Studios and at the SAG Foundation in New York City.  Their events promise interactive exhibits, and panels discussing popular shows like “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “The Kominsky Method”.

You can RSVP to Netflix’s events at, and keep an eye out for future Amazon Prime experiences at


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