America’s first V-Play Reality free-roaming multiplayer VR experience opening at Pointe Orlando

V-Play Reality VR
The nation’s first V-Play Reality free-roaming virtual reality experience is opening soon at Pointe Orlando.

Between The Repository at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and the upcoming enhancements to SeaWorld’s Kraken, virtual reality has begun proliferating at Central Florida attractions, and soon Main Event at Pointe Orlando with open America’s first V-Play Reality free-roaming multiplayer VR experience.

Dallas-based Main Event Entertainment, a national chain of entertainment destinations that combine dining, virtual and interactive game play and bowling, will be the first location in the United States to launch a 2,200 square foot free-roam, multi-player virtual reality experience, V-Play Reality, powered by Zero Latency, when the company opens its first Orlando location at Pointe Orlando, in early November. V-Play Reality, utilizes technology created by Australia-based Zero Latency, the pioneer in free-roam virtual reality gaming. This warehouse-scale, multi-player, virtual reality game will be a permanent part of the 45,000 square-foot entertainment complex.

Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando will be the company’s 30th center nationwide and first in Florida.  The center will also feature other activities including state-of-the-art bowling on twenty ice-white lanes with multicolored LED lighting, a challenging gravity ropes adventure course suspended 9.5 feet over a games gallery with more than 100 interactive and virtual games, big screen TVs and two dining areas, serving innovative American fare and handcrafted cocktails in a high-energy bar and grill or signature artisan pizza at LaBella’s Italian street food.

“Main Event Entertainment has always been the innovator in bowling-anchored entertainment and Zero Latency’s groundbreaking technology allows us to elevate our Eat.Bowl.Play concept to an interactive and immersive experience that cannot be created at home.  There has never been anything else like it in the U.S. until now, at Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando,” notes Main Event Entertainment President and CEO Charlie Keegan.  “Our V-Play Reality experience will immediately be considered bucket-list worthy for both hard-core and novice gamers alike, to Head for FUN and visit our newest venue for a truly unique and stimulating group experience.”

“Zero Latency game experiences are extremely immersive with free exploration of richly themed and hyper realistic game environments,” states Zero Latency co-founder and CEO Tim Ruse.  “Zero Latency’s patent-pending motion tracking technology allows natural locomotion along with a perfectly-weighted simulated weapon, and cutting-edge VR gear. Zero Latency’s unique approach allows for game session lengths and themes to be completely changed instantly, giving operators the flexibility to offer a range of superlative gaming experiences from zombie hunting to space adventure to family-friendly puzzles, which bring players back over and over again.”


V-Play Reality, powered by Zero Latency’s game arena enables players to walk, run, and work their way through wildly different virtual terrains from level to level within a single game.  From breathtaking vistas on wide open rooftops with no place to hide, to dense post-apocalyptic urban settings littered with virtual obstacles that make for ideal cover when the zombies start streaming in, payers are kept engaged, challenged, and entertained in ways that have never been possible before.

V-Play Reality, powered by Zero Latency, will include three different game options: Zombie Survival, in which players fight off hordes of attacking zombies; Singularity, a space-themed game that is kid friendly; and Engineerium, a family friendly puzzle game. Players suit up for each game with a computerized backpack and Open-Source Virtual Reality goggles. Optical sensors throughout the game arena picks up each player’s movements and actions. The result is a completely customized and untethered experience that overwhelms the senses and transports players to another world that looks and feels utterly real.


Online reservations for V-Play Reality will be available at starting Monday, November 14, 2016 for sessions beginning late November, 2016. While you wait for it to open, watch this video from last year’s IAAPA convention for another example of virtual reality in action:

VR Coaster demo at Fun Spot America from IAAPA 2015

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