Amusement parks and attractions expo pictures


The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is holding their annual expo in Orlando through tomorrow.

We walked 8-something miles of isles yesterday and have the pictures to prove it. It took us all of six hours and I’m sure we missed a few spots.

If you’d like to attend, it’s open to the public tomorrow (Friday). The cost is $30, but there are a lot of free games to play and rides to ride.

If you attend, be sure to stop by their bookstore. Orlando Attractions Magazine is on sale there.

Below are some pictures, but you can click here for the full gallery in a larger size.







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  1. What? No B&M or the other coaster booths?? or are you still uploading them?

    It was fun today, wish I could have gone earlier this week, but school kept me away… It was crowded and I missed some booths but there is always next year… where ever they put it.

  2. All the pictures are already uploaded. We didn’t really see anything particularly cool looking at the coaster booths to take pictures of. There were really a million cool things to see and take pictures of, so we were being really selective. Plus it was a pain to have to ask someone at each booth if it was OK to take pictures.