Arabian Nights debuts new show for their 25th anniversary – The Royal Celebration

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In honor of their 25th anniversary, Arabian Nights has launched a new show called “The Royal Celebration.” The story provides a new twist on an ancient tale that centers around the attraction’s legendary, majestic Arabian horses.

The Royal Celebration invites the audience to participate in the arranged marriage of the leaders of two tribes, the Seglawi and the Raula. These rivals unite when Princess Amirah and Prince Raswan come together through the passion they share for Arabian horses. Their love for horses influences their love for one another, culminating in a majestic Royal Wedding Celebration that features an amazing array of glorious horsemanship from around the world.

“We’ve created an all-new experience, including several spectacular new acts which compliment the favorites that our guests have loved for decades,” said Mark Miller, owner of Arabian Nights. “While our show is constantly changing, this is only the second complete revision of the entire show since we opened in 1988, and the first in 14 years,” Miller added.

The new show features both Arabian horses from the famous Al-Marah herd that Arabian Nights fans have come to love over the years. “Our new show also highlights all styles of riding, including the kind of Circus acrobatic riders and other specialties which are rarely seen anymore. The preservation of these exciting forms of riding is part of our mission to preserve and promote the equine arts,” said Miller.

“As we make changes to our show and facility, we make sure that one thing never changes; that’s our commitment to delivering world-class equestrian entertainment to audiences of all ages, in one of the few remaining family-owned attractions in Central Florida,” said Miller.

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