Arcadia Earth art exhibition reimagines eco-awareness

by Susan and Simon Veness

Arcadia Earth, the new immersive exhibit in Las Vegas, aims to redefine the way we look at environmental challenges, through immersive exhibits and empowering solutions.

Arcadia Earth display
Photos courtesy of Arcadia Earth

Walking through Arcadia Earth’s 15 environmental-themed installations, the plight of the planet comes alive, through augmented reality, virtual reality, and immersive physical structures made from upcycled and reusable materials.

Viewers are surrounded by representations of melting ice caps, plastic waste, the perils of overfishing, water scarcity, and the immense drama as biodiversity is lost, among other pressing issues.

But it’s not just about the challenges we face, it’s also about everyday solutions.

The art exhibit joins other new experiences located on the Las Vegas Strip, and was founded and designed by “experiential artist,” Valentino Vettori, and stems from a concept that first debuted in New York. By bringing ecological realities into sharp focus, Valentino’s goal was to highlight Earth’s beauty and fragility, and inspire viewers to take action.

Aquarium diorama

Each room within the exhibit tackles an ecological challenge, stripping away any sense of guilt, while offering hope and suggesting easily-implemented solutions.

One room highlights the dangers of water scarcity, with a voice-over reminding citizens of Nevada how crucial water is to the state, which has endured an “exceptional drought.” Within the space, viewers learn about Las Vegas’s dramatic reduction in water consumption, despite a rise in statewide population.

Another room features a coral reef diorama created through the use of interactive augmented reality. Among its sensory experiences are a “playground” of fishing nets, an LED aquarium filled with jellyfish and reefs, mist projections, and a glass forest.

Additional rooms take visitors on a Wild Immersion journey, viewing wildlife in its natural habitat, and into a colorful Rainbow Cave comprised of 60,000 recycled bags.

Coral reef

Through the use of posted QR codes, viewers are given simple conservation steps that can be taken, enhancing the exhibits main tenants of education, enlightenment, and empowerment.

At the end of the experience, Arcadia Earth marketplace features items such as reusable food storage bags, Earth-friendly cleaning products, and eco-friendly toys.

General Admission tickets are $39 plus fees during peak season, $33 plus fees during off season. Nevada residents receive a 10 percent discount on off-peak visits. Other discounts are available.

Proceeds help support Arcadia’s educational and charity partner, Oceanic Global, and a tree will be planted for each ticket sold.

For more information visit Arcadia Earth, here.


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