Attractions – The Show – March 7, 2013 – New Haunted Mansion and Oz merchandise, plus Fun Spot construction

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Hosts Banks Lee and JeniLynn Knopp bring you this week’s theme park and attraction news, plus a special guest and more. On this week’s episode …

• News In The Queue: New Universal resort now taking reservations; new trolly show at Magic Kingdom; new Disney park maps; Legoland Florida annual pass sale; Transformers gift shop and characters debut at Universal Studios;
• Hidden Mickey of the Week: Peter Pan queue.
• Banks checks out the coasters and more under construction at Fun Spot.
• This weekend’s theme park concerts
• Disney Parks Merchandise Manager Steven Miller shows off new Oz and Haunted Mansion items.
• Travel Tip: Stop smoking to save time
• Giveaway for cast shirt from Disney’s Pop Century Resort.
• Shout-Outs
• Plus more!

Attractions - The Show - March 7, 2013 - New Haunted Mansion & Oz items, plus Fun Spot construction

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  1. I love that Haunted Mansion merch! I’m taking my wife down to Orlando (from Atlanta) from the 8th-11th for her birthday, and we’ll certainly be on the lookout for those items, although it sounds like only some of them have been released so far. I really hope Disney is able to keep them well-stocked, and that they’ll keep manufacturing them for a while. In the past, I’ve seen items like this (classic attraction merchandise) sell out really quickly, either because they were limited editions, or because Disney just hadn’t anticipated the level of demand.

  2. Awesome Items. I have been getting them as they show up at Disneyland. The only problem is that they are sold out so fast. A seller on ebay, who must live close by to Disneyland, gets all the merchandise and has been selling them all on ebay before anyone else can get the items. Disney should limit the number sold to guests. The ebay seller has sold many many of each of the items released so far. So even though I am at the park weekly I still cannot get the products which is sad.

  3. Unfortunately, I kind of expected that Disney might have trouble keeping these items in stock. I hate it when flippers buy up all the stock and resell them at inflated prices on ebay. I really wish you could just order all of the theme park merchandise on the Disney Store website, so everyone could have an equal opportunity to get items like this.