Avatar experience coming to Disneyland

During today’s Disney earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that an Avatar experience would be coming to the Disneyland Resort.


Iger attributes the popularity of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar” sequel “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which recently became the third-highest-grossing film in history internationally at the box office, as the motivation for bringing the franchise to Disneyland.

Walt Disney World already has an entire land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom themed to the blockbuster franchise –  Pandora: The World of Avatar – and now it seems the Anaheim resort will be getting an Avatar experience of its own. While Iger gave no details about what guests can expect at Disneyland, considering the resort currently offers nothing Avatar-related, the announcement alone is big news.

Pandora – The World of Avatar
Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is the first of four “Avatar” sequels – the other three tentatively titled “Avatar: The Seed Bearer” (scheduled for release in December 2024), “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider” (scheduled for release in December 2026), and “Avatar: The Quest for Eywa” (no release date announced) – with “The Seed Bearer” filmed simultaneously with “The Way of Water” and, therefore, several cast members reprising their roles.

Iger also suggested “Avatar” may not be the only Disney franchise with new (or expanded) experiences in Disney parks.

“I mentioned that we’re going to bring a version of Avatar to Disneyland,” Iger said. “But we have other opportunities to look at all the great franchises in the company and see where we can invest them in the parks to increase capacity while preserving guest satisfaction.”

Pandora at Night - The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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