Blackpool Pleasure Beach announces additional pre-opening ride dates for ICON coaster

blackpool pleasure beach
Coaster enthusiasts have another chance to ride ICON before its grand opening at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

With the demand to be among the first to ride Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s soon-to-open roller coaster, ICON, the amusement park has extended the exclusive riding period.

After announcing the official, public launch date of ICON on May 25, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been receiving requests from roller coaster enthusiasts wanting to be among the first to take on the new attraction.

At the end of 2017, park released limited edition boarding cards for those wishing to grab a seat on the U.K.’s first double-launch coaster ahead of its official opening.

Thanks to the high demand for more chances to ride ahead of ICON’s opening, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is releasing another limited amount of boarding cards. These will give riders a chance to access the coaster at a specific time in the days leading up to the coaster’s opening.

The boarding cards will give holders early access to the park on May 19-20 between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., and on May 21-22 and 25 between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Those lucky enough to be among the group will experience one of the first runs of ICON, the U.K.’s first-ever double-launch rollercoaster.

“Boarding card holders really are in for the ultimate treat, gaining exclusive access to our park out of hours and riding ICON ahead of the general public,” said Amanda Thompson, managing director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. “We’ve had coaster enthusiasts from across the globe contact us to see if they can get their hands on a boarding card and be the first to ride and we cannot wait to welcome them all here in Blackpool.”

blackpool pleasure beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s newest coaster, ICON, will open on May 25.

Once open, ICON will send riders up to heights of 88.5 feet, with drops of up to 82 feet, and reaching the same levels of acceleration felt by the driver of a Formula 1 car.

To be among the first to ride ICON, grab your boarding card at


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