Electric Eel roller coaster now open at SeaWorld San Diego

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Electric Eel is now open at SeaWorld San Diego.

SeaWorld San Diego opened the city’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, Electric Eel, this past week on May 10.

This new coaster features multiple-launch experiences, and propels riders forward and backward through the ride’s station house at over 60 miles per hour. Riders will then speed toward the sky at nearly 150 feet, where they will take on an inverted “heartline” roll and a twisting loop for an intense feeling of airtime before they return to the station.

“Electric Eel will bring a whole new level of excitement to SeaWorld,” said SeaWorld San Diego’s Park President Marilyn Hannes. “This new, first-of-its-kind coaster at SeaWorld will give riders the rare opportunity to feel what it’s like to move like an eel as they twist and flip along nearly 900 feet of undulating track.”

To go along with the roller coaster, a live eel habitat with a collection of moray eels can be found at the eastern edge of the Ocean Explorer realm. This habitat features large viewing windows, where guests can see the world of the eel as they swim and dart through their naturalistic deep-sea environment.

The Electric Eel attraction area also features an educational, interactive experience called “Mission: Deep Discovery,” where a team of one to four players can go on a virtual deep sea adventure aboard a manned-vehicle, and encounter the marvels of the deep.

“We always strive to provide new reasons to visit SeaWorld and give our guests experiences that matter with a blend of exciting rides and incredible animal and educational experiences,” said Hannes. “We want our guests from around the world to not only have a great time, but be inspired to care about the ocean and the animals that live there.”

Electric Eel is the third coaster-style ride to open at SeaWorld San Diego, alongside Journey to Atlantis and Manta.

To learn more about Electric Eel and SeaWorld San Diego, visit SeaWorldSanDiego.com. Check out our POV video of Electric Eel below:


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