Bollywood Skyflyer swing ride shatters world record previously held by Orlando

Orlando has taken great pride in its quest to “go vertical” with The Wheel at Icon Park and the Orlando StarFlyer swing on International Drive, but a newcomer to the reaching-skyward race has met—and surpassed—its Florida counterpart. Enter the Bollywood SkyFlyer, towering to a dizzying 460 feet!

bollywood skyflyer
Photo via Bollywood Parks Dubai

At 450 feet high, the Orlando StarFlyer held the record as the world’s tallest swing ride for more than two years (topping The Wheel at Icon Park by a full 50 feet), but with the Jan. 21 debut of Bollywood SkyFlyer at Bollywood Parks Dubai, StarFlyer has been firmly nudged out of the top spot.

Not only does SkyFlyer ascend a whopping 460 feet, it also lifts, drops, and rotates at varying speeds for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other – all with breathtaking views over the park and surrounding areas.

Bollywood Parks Dubai also added an additional eight family-oriented rides to its lineup when it re-opened after a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Taxi No. 1: Based on the famous Mumbai taxis, this pint-sized roller coaster has all the kid-friendly, high-speed turbulence of a rollicking taxi ride through the city’s streets.
  • Abraa Ka Dabra: Little adventurers will love this wobbly, wacky “raft” ride that swivels and twists along its low, arched track.
  • Tanga No. 13: Take a family-friendly ride on this gentle horse-cart style “chariot,” whose circular motions produce a “bobbing waves” effect.
  • Rodeo Ki Sawari: Perfectly capturing rural India’s rodeo history are these bull-shaped ride vehicles that spin along a figure-8 shaped path in traditional “teacups” fashion.
  • Monsoon Masti: Board a barrel-shaped raft, grab your giant water blaster, and launch into a soaking wet battle against other riders and onlookers!
  • Rocket: This mini-version of a drop tower is just right for young adrenaline seekers.
  • Hawa Hawai: Assume a hang-glider-style prone position, and take flight on this modern version of a “flying carpet” attraction, just right for youngsters.
  • Wheel of Stars: Just what is says; enjoy a round-trip or two on this 180-foot-tall Ferris wheel.

Also new to the park are the Namaste India restaurant, and, later this year, the Bombay Express wooden roller coaster.

No matter how you choose to experience Bollywood Parks Dubai, one thing is certain: you’ll want to strap into one of SkyFlyer’s 12 two-seater swings, take a deep breath, and prepare to be wowed!

COVID-safety protocols are enforced within the park. For more information visit


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