New Bullseye Blast shooting game available on The Wheel at Icon Park

If you see some people riding The Wheel at Icon Park in Orlando with “guns” pointed towards the parking lots and roofs, don’t call the police. They’re not real guns. They’re just playing the newest add-on to the observation wheel, Bullseye Blast.

Playing Bullseye Blast on The Wheel at Icon Park.

For $5.95 extra per person, you can not only enjoy the sights of Orlando from above (to your own soundtrack), but you can also play the Bullseye Blast game and see how many targets you can spot and shoot during your ride. Each playing guest gets a “laser” gun (they are calling them laser blasters), that shoots infrared beams, and as you ride, look at the rooftops and all around Icon Park for 50 different targets to try to hit.

Bullseye Blast target
These are the targets you’ll be looking for. This one is attached to an air-conditioning unit on a roof.

You get unlimited shots, and the more you hit, the more points you get. Every hit gets you 25 points, and it goes up in increments to 100 to your fourth hit. The ride lasts about 20 minutes, so at the end of your ride, you can check your score on the side of your blaster and see if you did better than your friends.

The blasters have scopes on them, and you can see a small red dot, which you can try to line top to the target. When you get a hit, your blaster says “good shot”. The further in the air you get, the harder it becomes to hit the targets, not only because you’re further away from them, but because many are pointed towards the wheel and not towards the top of it.

The Bullseye Blast game wasn’t developed specifically developed for playing from an observation wheel. Someone from Icon Park spotted the game at a trade show in Tennessee and decided it would be great for The Wheel. It’s the only game of its kind when paired with The Wheel. No other observation wheel in the world has a game like this.

Yes, it may be a little concerning to see someone aiming a “gun” near you from above, but these blasters do have a bright orange ring around the ends, and The Wheel’s capsules are tinted, so it’s not easy to see in them anyway. Real guns or any weapons of any kind are not allowed on The Wheel. All guests are required to undergo a bag search before boarding.

Notice the targets on top of the light poles in the parking lot behind Icon Park. There are also targets on the building roofs and one on top of the parking garage.

I played solo just to see how the game works. I suggest playing with friends to see who can get the highest score. My tip for the highest score is to find a target and just keep shooting it over and over. Your shots are unlimited and each target is worth the same amount, no matter how far away it is.

More information on The Wheel at Icon Park can be found at

Here’s a look at the Bullseye Blast game in action:

Bullseye Blast Shooting Game on The Wheel at Icon Park

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  1. Given the climate where any type of firearm is concerned … they need to stop this ASAP. And given the press coverage to that area, especially where the kid fell out of the ride … it won’t be positive.