Cedar Point unveils its new Wild Mouse coaster ride vehicle

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio adds a big slice of “adorable” to its newest Wild Mouse roller coaster, and today visitors to IAAPA convention in Orlando, Fla. got a first look.

cedar point wild mouse ride vehicle
Photos by Tharin White

The new Wild Mouse, a modern version of the park’s original Wild Mouse, will be the Cedar Point’s 18th roller coaster and, like its predecessor, it’s geared toward family enjoyment, with a height requirement of 48 inches (four-foot) to ride alone or 42 inches (three feet, five inches) to ride with a supervising companion.

Themed as a wacky game of “cat and mouse,” Wild Mouse will feature hills, twists, dives, and hairpin turns taking riders on a mission to capture a giant wedge of cheese. And that’s exactly what one of the ride’s vehicles looks like.

An additional six vehicles are designed to look like mice, and each of the seven car will hold up to four passengers.

The experience starts with a climb up a 52-foot lift hill before plunging into a twisting, free-form spinning journey along 1,312 feet of track, making each ride a different experience.

For more, visit CedarPoint.com.


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