Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade ends its run at the Magic Kingdom – Photos and Video

Celebrate a dream come true parade doors close cast cries

On Jan. 4, 2014, guests and cast bid farewell to the Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The parade ended to make room for a new parade coming this spring.

Here’s a video of the parade’s final run through the Magic Kingdom. Skip to the end of the video to see the cast members give a tearful cheer as the last float goes backstage:

Final Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade at the Magic Kingdom

Celebrate A Dream Come True was the third incarnation in the Dream Come True Parade series that started Oct. 1, 2001 with the Share A Dream Come True Parade. That parade featured snow globes on many of the floats with characters inside them and original music. On Aug. 10, 2006, the parade was changed to the Disney Dreams Come True Parade. For that version, the snow globes were taken out and some floats were changed. The music was changed as well and was incorporated from a parade at Tokyo Disneyland.

On Jan. 23, 2009, Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade debuted. This version featured no changes to the floats from the previous version, with the exception of the lead Mickey and Minnie float. Costumes for the dancers were changed as well as the music, which incorporated the theme of the “What Will You Celebrate” campaign. Originally Celebrate A Dream Come True featured a show stop at a couple of locations along the parade route, but that was taken out shortly after it debuted.

The all-new Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is set to debut at the Magic Kingdom sometime this spring, so until then, there will be no regular daytime parade at the park. Guests can still enjoy Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It moving dance party several times daily and the Main Street Electrical Parade at night.

You can read all about the new Festival of Fantasy Parade and see concept art of some of the floats on our blog.

Photo Gallery from the last parade:
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  1. I imagine the performers may get a bit jaded after some time, but participating on a parade is such an energy. I joined the Macy’s parade at Universal many times as a balloon handler, and I always get a tear in my eye just from seeing all those people looking back at you and cheering. The first few times I did it I’m glad I kept my sunglasses on, nobody wants to see a grown man weeping on the parade LOL