Change in ownership at 'Orlando Attractions Magazine'

“Orlando Attractions Magazine” is the creation of two of Orlando’s biggest theme park fans, Ricky Brigante and Matt Roseboom. Today, Ricky is saying farewell and announcing his resignation.

To all our readers and fans:

Yesterday was my last day with Orlando Attractions Magazine. I have resigned my position as Creative Director and have sold my half of the company to my partner, our Editor-In-Chief Matt Roseboom, who has helped me steadily grow this business since we formed our partnership nearly three years ago. As I leave the company in Matt’s hands, I’d like to briefly look back at what I’ve accomplished here and also take a moment to let you know where I’m headed to next.

When Matt and I began this business in April 2007, our goal was simple. We sought out to pick up where “Disney Magazine” had left off when it ceased publication two years prior – and then we wanted to offer even more.

I am quite proud of what I’ve accomplished at “Orlando Attractions Magazine.” Throughout the publication of the 12 issues I worked on, not an issue went by without readers telling us how they found the magazine to be informative and entertaining. Beyond the magazine, I also helped to create a popular blog and an even more popular library of exciting videos. Throughout designing our Web site and all of the magazine layouts, penning several articles, and producing some of our most popular videos, I generally had a wonderful time covering fun and unique Orlando events. In the process, I had the good fortune to meet plenty of fantastic people who each do their part make Orlando a truly magical city. From designers to celebrities and customers to public relations staff, it’s been a pleasure getting to know all of you.

After roughly two and a half years of committing to this job full-time, I am now ready to pass the proverbial torch and separate my career from the world of theme parks. While I’ll still be popping in here from time to time, contributing an article or video, I’ll then only be a guest at “Orlando Attractions Magazine.”

Now, what’s next for me? It’s time for yet another new beginning.

squareadI have already launched a company called Lanyard Lab, where my new “day job” is to design and sell custom lanyards – you know, those things you see people wearing around their necks at theme parks to show off their trading pins. Outside of theme parks, custom lanyards make great promotional items for businesses, schools, reunions, conventions, or any organization. It’s a wonderful new opportunity that will enable me to return to enjoying theme parks in my free time, rather than full-time. So if you don’t mind me asking, please visit if you ever find yourself in the market for custom lanyards.

Of course, I’m not abandoning the world of theme park news entirely. I will continue to host my weekly Inside the Magic podcast, discussing all things Disney. If you haven’t already, check it out at

Now that you know my plans for the future, all that’s left for me to say is thank you to all of the readers, customers, and viewers that have supported me and my efforts while I was here. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave, but it helps knowing that “Orlando Attractions Magazine” will continue on and thrive without me.

Good luck with the business, Matt. I’m looking forward to reading the next issue of “Orlando Attractions Magazine” – this time as just a fan.

Ricky Brigante

Editor’s note: I’d like thank Ricky for all he has done to help get the magazine where it is today. As Ricky said, we’ve grown it from an idea we came up with while sitting together with our wives during our first meeting three years ago, to the colorful magazine and Web site with the news, videos, photos and social media aspects it has today.

It won’t be as easy or as fun continuing on without Ricky there every step of the way, but I want to assure all our readers that “Orlando Attractions Magazine” will still bring you the same full great coverage you’ve come to expect. As Ricky said, he’ll still be writing some articles as well as shooting some videos for us. In fact, Ricky’s helping us shoot a video this week and will have an article in our upcoming Spring issue.

I wish Ricky the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Matt Roseboom
Orlando Attractions Magazine


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  1. Wishing you the very best in your next adventure Ricky! I had so much fun getting to know, work with, and ride roller coasters with you! 🙂

    Good luck with everything,


  2. Ricky, you, Matt, and the rest of the crew have done a fantastic job on this magazine. A big farewell to you and good luck on Lanyard Lab!

  3. Best wishes, Ricky, for your continued success. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you since Vol one, Issue one. See you around the theme parks.

    Best regards,

  4. Ricky,

    We’ll especially miss your video work. I’ll never forget the feeling that I was “working with pros” when you and Matt shot my girls doing BBB and Pirates League. I won’t miss you too much since I’ll listen to you weekly on the podcast (which incidentally got me hooked up with Matt!).

    Best wishes,

    The Guinigundo Family

  5. Ricky,
    I wish you the best of luck, and I’m sure you’ll have more than enough on your plate with Lanyard Lab, Inside the Magic and Park Tunes.
    Thanks for all the work you put into the magazine, and the continued hard work I know you will put into your other endeavors.

  6. “While I’ll still be popping in here from time to time, contributing an article or video, I’ll then only be a guest at Orlando Attractions Magazine.”

    Does anyone know what happened to this guest contributor idea?