CookieAnn Bakery Cafe now open at Shanghai Disneyland

The CookieAnn Bakery Cafe has opened on Mickey Avenue at Shanghai Disney Resort to celebrate CookieAnn’s culinary creativity and friendships between Disney friends — especially CookieAnn and Minnie Mouse.

CookieAnn Bakery Cafe
Photos courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Duffy and Friends are very popular with Shanghai Disney Resort guests, and this new bakery — owned by Minnie Mouse herself — highlights the friendship Minnie and Mickey share with Duffy and his friends. That special friendship is illustrated in four original murals depicting the pals enjoying time together.

“The interior walls are adorned with murals, envisioned by Walt Disney Imagineering Shanghai Art Director Aileen Li and beautifully illustrated by Lina Barr with creative direction from Laura West, both Disney Imagineers from California,” explains Walt Disney Imagineering Senior Story Editor Charlie Watanabe in the Disney Parks Blog. “These four painted tableaus portray a fun day had by Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse with Duffy and his friends: Picking fresh ingredients on an outing, baking and decorating together, and enjoying a picnic savoring the tasty snacks of their own creation. These heartwarming images magically transport guests to the world of Duffy and Friends as they sit and enjoy the offerings in this entirely immersive, fantastically sweet environment.”

In addition to the charming murals, a vintage oven in the middle of CookieAnn Bakery Cafe features baked goods animation that will remind guests of things they’ve seen in Disney animated films and adorable homeware items, Disney collectibles, and souvenirs are inspired by the friendship between the Disney friends.

The charming décor is a treat for the eyes, but CookieAnn’s fun and delicious recipes are the real stars, including fresh-baked cookies and sweet treats, sandwiches, crepes and Japanese pancakes, creative milkshakes, and specialty hot beverages.

Click here for more information about CookieAnn Bakery Cafe at Shanghai Disneyland.


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