Cuteness Alert: Baby wallabies poke out of mothers’ pouches at Busch Gardens

The baby boom continues at Busch Gardens Tampa with the birth of red-necked wallaby joeys. They are currently in their mother’s pouches and in guests’ view in the Walkabout Way area of the park.

The birth of joeys isn’t uncommon but it is a great educational experience for guests who visit Kangaloom in Walkabout Way. You can see the joey’s legs hanging out of their mother’s pouch and even their heads throughout the day.

Joeys will be in and out of their mother’s pouch for the next eight to nine months. With Summer Nights going now on, Kangaloom is now open later, giving guests even more time to see these cute joeys first hand.

Stay tuned to Orlando Attractions Magazine for even more news from Busch Gardens Tampa as Howl-O-Scream, the parks annual Halloween event, is coming up in just a few short months.


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