Out of the Loop: A day at Cedar Point via Tweets

By Andy Guinigundo

In 2003, the Top Thrill Dragster coaster debuted at Cedar Point on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. Ridiculously, that was the last time I was at Cedar Point. I say ridiculous since I live in Cincinnati, a short four hour drive to Sandusky.

Additionally, I’ve been to the Cleveland area over 30 times in that nine year period visiting my in-laws. Cleveland is a mere hour east of Sandusky. I remember that visit fairly well as we had dropped off our then 1-year-old at grandmas for the day and my wife and I went coastering. Unfortunately, the Top Thrill Dragster was on-again, off-again that day as many new coasters are and we didn’t get to ride it, but rode everything else that mattered.

Fast forward to 2012 and my 1-year-old is now a 10-year-old coaster fanatic. Me, mom and three sisters were ready for a fun-filled day at the “Roller Coast”. Fortunately, the grandparents came with us to help with the 3-year-old (future coaster fanatic). Here is how the day unfolded in pictures and Tweets:

8:17 a.m. Orlando @Attractions Mag “Out of the Loop” headed to @CedarPoint for the day. Excited to check out the Coaster Capitol of the World!

9:50 a.m. Mine mine mine (@ cedar point front gate) [Cedar Point is on the Great Lake, Lake Erie; these sea gulls seemed oblivious to auto traffic.]

10 a.m. Early morning Raptor riders. [Raptor is a suspended coaster similar to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure ride Dueling Dragons.]

10:22 a.m. 1st ride of Day (@ Raptor)

10:24 a.m. Classic. [The Blue Streak is a classic wooden out-and-back.]

10:27 a.m. One of only 2 “racing” carousels in the country. Dates back to the 1920s (@ Cedar Downs Racing Derby) [Horses are set up four to a row and move forward and back in addition to up and down as if racing. For the record, I lost, actually dead last in my row of four horses.]

11:09 a.m. Top Thrill Dragster is one of the tallest fastest in the world. 400ft, 120 mph. Still shaking from adrenaline!

11:27 a.m. Magnum XL-200 was the 1st hyper coaster in the world. I.e. over 200 ft tall.

11:35 a.m. Gemini as the name implies is a twin coaster with wood structure that rides on a steel track. [The public was utilizing the red train. Coasting for Kids to benefit Orlando’s Give Kids the World Village was using the blue train today.]

12:09 p.m. One of two (16 total coasters) traditional wooden coasters. Great views. Mean ride! (@ Mean Streak)

12:41 p.m. Break time. Pizza Hut pizza – works. At least it’s cool in here! (@ Joe Cool Café)

1:29 p.m. WindSeeker installed last year provides beautiful views of Lake Erie and CP at 301 ft.

2:02 p.m. Mantis. Standing, looping coaster.

2:25 p.m. Actually wish I could get in there (@ Snoopy Bounce)

3:27 p.m. One wicked coaster. Steeper than vertical 95 degree drop. Longest wait didn’t disappoint! (@ Maverick)

4:26 p.m. Didn’t ride but the kids look like they liked it. Kids coaster. (@ Jr. Gemini)

5:14 p.m. The rumored location of the largest winged coaster in the world(?) Spir and DT gone? [Spiral Tower and Disaster Transport indoor coaster.]

5:15 p.m. Heading out (@ Sky ride). [Till next time, and sooner than 9 years from now…]

If you are a Cedar Point fan or a coaster fan, you may be wondering how we missed the 310 ft, 93 mph Intamin beast of a coaster, Millennium Force. It was open most of the day with exception of the time we tried to get on it. This is another reason to return soon!

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  1. Tips.

    It’s been hot; drink plenty of fluids and stay cool. Sounds gross, but we waited extra 3 separate times because they had to spray down and sanitize the coaster car for well, you know. I think bc people got too hot and ate badly.

    Mix in some of the classic rides like the Cedar Downs Derby and water rides. They are fun and give a good break.

    Get there early and ride your high priority rides first when the wait is shorter.

    Try Pink’s Hot Dogs right near the entrance. It’s a Hollywood Classic (there’s a Pink’s cameo in the new Muppets Movie). It’s the only location east of Vegas.

    They have a good iPhone app; utilize it and a normal park map to get around. But, it’s fairly self explanatory. Big long, beautiful midways like parks of old.

    My top coasters there: Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Magnum XL 200, Blue Streak (nostalgia pick).

    Have a great time!