NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino to help build a football themed “Marino House” in Orlando

dan marino
Dan Marino is set to design a football-themed “Marino House” for Encore Resort at Reunion.

Dan Marino, NFL Hall of Famer and former Miami Dolphins Quarterback, is teaming up with Encore Resort at Reunion to design a football-themed “Marino House” for visiting guests.

This home will feature memorabilia from Marino’s career, offering guests a chance to have a unique “Dan Marino Experience” while visiting the resort.

As the new ambassador for Encore, Marino will also take part in future endeavors like an onsite sports facility, a Dan Marino Fantasy Camp, youth football camps, and a Dan Marino Sports Academy to train and educate young athletes.

“We are so thrilled to have Dan Marino partner with Encore Resort at Reunion,” said Neil Eisner, managing director of the Resort. “Dan is a nationally recognized personality who not only brings a winning attitude, but also loves to spend time with his family, which fits in perfectly with the family atmosphere at Encore Resort.”

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