Theater Review: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ hits every emotion in the book

by Brittani Tuttle

Words fail to describe how great Dear Evan Hansen is.

dear evan hansen cast
Don’t miss out on this heartfelt modern musical.

By Quinn Roseboom

I saw Dear Evan Hansen with the original Broadway cast, on Broadway with a front row seat, so it’s very hard to live up to my expectations for the show after that first viewing. 

“Dear Evan Hansen” is one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite musical out there. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it hits every emotion in the book. Unfortunately, it makes you cry a bit more than laugh, but that’s just how a musical that’s based around a suicide is bound to be. 

That being said, it’s still a very hopeful show with great messages for anyone who might be suffering from depression or severe anxiety or may know someone who is; the show emphasizes the importance of reaching out and talking to anyone who might be hurting.

This touring cast was a very close second to the original Broadway performers, and definitely more believable as high school students. While Ben Platt was an amazing Evan Hansen, he and some of the other “kids” on Broadway didn’t really appear as though they were actually high school age. On this tour, however, the characters all seem to pass as the age they’re supposed to be portraying. 

ben levi ross

The vocal talents of the whole cast are phenomenal. In fact, Ben Levi Ross, who plays the tour’s Evan Hansen, was the understudy on Broadway for a time before touring. The show’s set is mostly projections, with a few other set pieces like beds, couches and tables representing the various rooms of the homes the story takes place in. For the most part, this musical takes place in a physical representation of social media and technology.

“Dear Evan Hansen” is a hard musical to describe without major spoilers, but it’s important to know that it deals with serious issues and isn’t exactly a family-friendly show. It’s a story that deals with suicide and outcasts in today’s society of social media. It’s easy to feel alone, but nobody should – not when there are others feeling the same way, not when there are other people who want to help, and they’re all just a screen tap away.

“Dear Evan Hansen” is playing at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts now through April 21. As of the time of this article’s publishing, tickets are still available for April 17-18, and the matinee performance on Saturday, April 20. The show does include adult themes and language that may not be suitable for young kids. Don’t miss your chance!

dear evan hansen company

To learn more about “Dear Evan Hansen” at the Dr. Phillips Center, and to purchase your tickets, visit DrPhillipsCenter.org.


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