More details on Disney Cruise Line’s upcoming Lighthouse Point

Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point, its second private island destination, is on track to open to guests in summer 2024.

Disney Cruise Line Lighthouse Point
Concept art courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Located in the Bahamas on the island of Eleuthera, Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point will celebrate the culture and natural environment of the Bahamas. As they did with the Aulani resort in Hawaii, Disney Cruise Line is working with local artists and cultural experts to create an authentic Bahamian island experience.

“At Disney Cruise Line, we have a deep appreciation for the Bahamian community,” said Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager, Disney Cruise Line. “We are connected in many ways, including our shared values of storytelling and hospitality. With the opening of Lighthouse Point, visitors from around the world will experience the magic of the Bahamas in a new way, one that truly celebrates its natural and cultural beauty.”

Showcasing Bahamian Art and Culture

Bahamian art uses bright, bold colors, and this will be reflected in the architecture of Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point.

Disney Cruise Line Lighthouse Point Cultural Pavilion
Cultural Pavilion at Disney Cruise Line’s new destination on the island of Eleuthera, guests will be immersed in stories and traditions passed down among generations of local residents.

Working together with local artists, Walt Disney Imagineering designed curvilinear buildings that evoke sea shells scattered along the shore. Another staple of Bahamian culture is the Junkanoo parade – lively street festivals filled with music, dance, and elaborate costumes. Throughout Lighthouse Point, guests will discover artistic expressions of the pageantry and history of these Junkanoo parades as well as the native flora and fauna of the Bahamas. Finally, a Bahamian Art and Culture Pavilion featuring special programs and local artists will provide visitors to Lighthouse Point opportunities to learn more about and celebrate the traditions and natural beauty of the region.

A Focus on Sustainability

“Lighthouse Point is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, so our goal has always been to create designs that accentuate its qualities in an organic way,” said Kevin Thomas, creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “We’re focused on low-density, sustainable development that protects and preserves the environment, allowing the site’s biodiversity to shine.”

Disney Cruise Line’s new destination on the island of Eleuthera will be a beach retreat infused with the color and energy of Bahamian artistry. In addition to the beaches, families will enjoy a recreation center, dining, shopping, a water playground, a cultural pavilion, and more.

Speaking of natural beauty, Disney Cruise Line is committed to developing Lighthouse Point with respect for the environment. The vast majority of the site will remain undeveloped, and nearly 200 acres, including the site’s southernmost point and a significant amount of beachfront property, was donated back for use of the people of The Bahamas. At least 90 percent of Lighthouse Point’s energy demand will be met by renewable resources including an onsite solar array. The construction of an innovative, open-trestle pier will extend into deep water to prevent the dredging of a ship channel and disruption of coral reefs.

Spaces Designed for Guests of All Ages

Similar to Disney’s Castaway Cay, the highlight of Lighthouse Point will be spaces for families to relax, play, and have fun together. Families will be able to enjoy a beach day in the sun, embark on excursions, and learn more about Bahamian art and culture alongside their favorite Disney characters. Highlights include:

A family beach on the east side of the island, close to dining, recreation, and the Bahamian Art & Culture Pavilion.

Lighthouse point dining option
Guests can refuel with a variety of freshly grilled lunch offerings at the family dining spot located near the beach and water play area.

A water play area with slides, fountains, drums, and other features including a dedicated toddler space.

Lighthouse point waterplay area
Waterplay area on Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point.

A “Little Mermaid” themed supervised kids’ club for children ages 3 to 12 with its own splash pad, dining, and shaded area.

Lighthouse point kids club
Little Mermaid themed kids club on Lighthouse Point

South of the main family area will be 20 premium family cabanas for rent, including four double cabanas that accommodate larger groups and offer massage services, along their own private strip of beach.

family cabins on the beach at Lighthouse Point
Premium family cabanas on Lighthouse Point.

An adult-exclusive beach north of the family area with its own dedicated dining area and six private cabanas (available by reservation).

Aerial view of the adult beach of Lighthouse Point
Aerial view of the adult beach of Lighthouse Point.

Recreational activities available will include a covered gaming pavilion, volleyball court, gaga ball pit, watercraft and bicycle rentals, nature trails for hiking and biking, and more.

Visiting Lighthouse Point

At Eleuthera’s southernmost tip is Lighthouse Point where visitors will have the opportunity to be surrounded by caves, rock formations, and nature and get a glimpse at efforts to conserve wildlife and their unique island habitats.

Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point is designed to be a hassle-free day with easy tram transportation from the ship to the beach where all the essentials (towels, chairs, umbrellas, and lunch) are included. Organized Port Adventure excursions will be developed in partnership with local tour operators to take guests beyond Lighthouse Point to explore the rich culture and beauty of Eleuthera.

Disney Cruise Line guests can look forward to a signature island experience that celebrates nature and the spirit and culture of The Bahamas at a new Disney port of call, which will be located on the island of Eleuthera at a place called Lighthouse Point.

In addition to Disney’s second private destination in the Bahamas, Lighthouse Point, Disney Cruise Line sixth new ship, Disney Treasure, is also scheduled to debut in 2024.

Disney Cruise Line ships will continue to visit Castaway Cay, as this location is in addition to it.


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  1. You are taking a beautiful place in a beautiful non commercial country and turning it into a circus. The people of Eleuthrea do not want this attraction and neither do the people who love and visit the island for its tranquility.

  2. Disgusting and unnecessary distruction of a one of a kind natural resource, estuary. ruined and lost forever. Exploitation of needful people for short term gains. Very disturbing Disney. There are no current facilities on this part of the island but the mouse will be handling 4000 poops/day by spring 2024 disgusting cesspool in the making. Enjoy your disease producing toilet ship while you can. Disney will use this area up and cut and run after the first storm.

    1. The already ecologically vunerable coastline will be ruined forever. Disney Cruises is all about profit. They don’t care about Eleuthera and it’s people..

  3. Used to have the darkest skies on Eleuthera, and almost anywhere in the world. Will this still be the case?