Disney launches Avatar ‘Keep Our Oceans Amazing’ campaign ahead of sequel film

In celebration of the release of “Avatar: The Way of Water” on Dec. 16, Disney is launching a global “Keep our Oceans Amazing” campaign to raise awareness of the challenges facing oceans and marine life. 

keep our oceans amazing
Graphic courtesy of Disney

By Anthony Langdon

The campaign will support The Nature Conservancy and will invite Avatar fans to participate in celebratory experiences and products. 

One of these will be the Pandoran Virtual Ocean, transporting fans to the wonders of the reef. On their website, you can create your own Pandoran ocean creature. From now until Dec. 31, Disney will donate $5 for every ocean creature created, up to $1 million, to help The Nature Conservancy reach their global goal of protecting 10 percent of the ocean by 2030.

Avatar: The Way of Water | Keep Our Oceans Amazing

“The entire planet depends on the health of our ocean to support and sustain it. The ocean produces half the air we breathe, provides livelihoods for billions of people, and is home to more than half of all life on earth,” said Melissa Garvey, global director of ocean protection at The Nature Conservancy. “We need to do our part to protect it. That’s why we are thrilled to collaborate with Disney and Avatar on this campaign.”

“Keep Our Oceans Amazing” aims to extend Disney’s conservation efforts to help protect 10 amazing ocean animals and their habitats. This new initiative will support TNC to protect beluga whales, blue whales, whale sharks, hawksbill sea turtles, manatees, manta rays, parrotfish, staghorn coral, sea lions, and mangroves (coastal habitats that provide important shelter for many marine species). The specific ocean species that have been selected can be found in waters throughout the world and many of them share qualities with the Pandoran creatures and habitats featured throughout “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

Each animal and plant species is also classified as threatened, vulnerable, or endangered. TNC is working alongside indigenous peoples and local communities to develop multi-faceted solutions to the challenges these species face across the globe, to ensure that both people and wildlife thrive.

To create your own creature in the Pandoran Virtual Ocean, go to Avatar.com/KeepOurOceansAmazing. 


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