DOF Robotics unveiled Mission Space digital simulator at IAAPA Expo 2022

DOF Robotics has announced a new digital park experience, Mission Space, featuring a six-person immersive simulator ride that takes players on a mission to the moon.

mission space dof robotics motion simulator
Artist renderings courtesy of DOF Robotics

The 30-40 minute offering features eight different elements, each with based on unique “space experiences.”

Mission Space stages

mission space interior dof robotics

Teams of six people don astronaut costumes over their clothing when they enter the welcome and preparation area.

Mission information is given to participants in the themed preshow area via specially designed screens and holograms.

After boarding a rocket simulator, visitors will experience a “realistic rocket launch into space” that includes the sensation of G-force.

Post-launch, participants will depart the rocket and enter the International Space Station in preparation for their journey to the moon onboard the “Interplanetary Voyager” (spaceship simulator).

Mission Space’s two games

mission space mission moon


The first challenge players encounter is an asteroid belt, where they will shoot at asteroids in an attempt to avoid a collision. This portion of the experience will pit players against each other to score the most points.


Having survived the asteroid belt, players will explore the surface of the moon, collecting cosmic mines they will bring back to the space base for examination.

At the end of their mission, participants will receive an ID card with their photo and the title “Real Astronaut.”

Mission Space digital park’s “Mission Moon” (not to be confused with Walt Disney World’s Mission: Space attraction at Epcot) will be open to players ages four and up.

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DOF Robotics "Mission Moon" Digital Simulator Park Concept Unveiled at IAAPA Expo Orlando

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