Disney launches new mobile game, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

by Brittani Tuttle

Disney has launched a new mobile game featuring hundreds of Disney and Pixar characters as they go head-to-head on a quest to become legendary, called Disney Sorcerer’s Arena.

disney sorcerer's arena

This newly-launched mobile game allows players to collect a variety of Disney and Pixar heroes and villains to add to their team’s roster, casting some Disney Parks magic along the way.

Some of the characters in the game include Sulley, Ariel, Scar, Darkwing Duck, Jack Skellington, Buzz Lightyear, Maleficent, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey.

Each character can dish out powerful moves, like Ariel’s Trident Strike, Sulley’s PowerHouse Punch, and Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey’s Shooting Star special — and each one can help you win the battle in the Arena.

disney sorcerer's arena

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena also lets players use special magic with Disney Parks attractions in the form of spells. Take down your opponents with spells like Splash Mountain Soak and Thunder Mountain Boom!

disney sorcerer's arena

You can download Disney Sorcerer’s Arena for free now on the iOS App Store or Google Play. The game does contain in-app purchases, so keep that in mind if you let your younger ones play on your phone.

Check out a trailer for the mobile game below:

Now Live: Disney Sorcerer’s Arena!

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