Disney PhotoPass augmented reality photos arrive at Walt Disney World

Disney PhotoPass and Snap have combined talents, bringing new augmented reality photos to life for Walt Disney World Resort guests.

Disney PhotoPass augmented reality
Photos courtesy of Disney

One of the most magical ways to capture the excitement of a theme park day is through Disney’s PhotoPass Service, and with the introduction of the Disney Genie+ service, guests have an all-new way to enhance their photos.

The new feature blends technology developed by camera company Snap with beloved Disney stories and characters for a unique photo experience in the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks via a series of specially created lenses available with the purchase of the new Genie+ service, accessed directly through the My Disney Experience app.

Disney castle cake added with augmented reality

Ready to transform into a Disney villain? Or how about a cooking lesson with Remy from the movie “Ratatouille”? You could even take a step back in time and see Cinderella Castle magically transform into a birthday cake! The amazing technology will do all this, and more besides, and the end results are both highly amusing and quite charming.

Many of the new lenses can be used right across Walt Disney World, while others, such as the Remy lens, will only be available in a specific area of a park. A select sample of the lenses will also be available on a complimentary basis through the Snapchat app.

Some of the lenses will be available up to 45 days after your visit thanks to Disney Genie+, including an effect that can put your dog or cat (or rabbit or guinea pig!) into a moment from “Lady and the Tramp.” Just open the My Disney Experience app at home and your pet can become a star.

They also go hand-in-hand with creating wonderful memories during the 18-month celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort.

Photo by Matt Roseboom

Disney also promises, via the Disney Parks Blog, that these are just the beginning of a whole new array of lenses to augment your park visits, and more will come on line in future.

For the latest details of Disney’s PhotoPass service visit DisneyWorld.com/PhotoPass and for more on Disney Genie+, see DisneyWorld.com/Genie.


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