Disney Princesses get royally reimagined with a modern home makeover!

by Susan and Simon Veness

Your favorite Disney Princesses just got a home makeover, as Money.co.uk reimagined their real-life residences. If you’ve ever wondered what a modern take on their homes would look like, wonder no more!

Disney Princesses Home Makeover

So, what would the digs look like for Disney Princesses like Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White? How would they design, style, and decorate their own regal residences?

British online business company Money.co.uk has taken time off from figuring out mortgage rates, credit cards, and other commercial matters to day-dream about some genuinely fantastical imagined homes for their royal highnesses.

Mortgage editor Nisha Vaidya has set the ball rolling by posing two fun, key questions: How would your favorite Disney characters live in the real world, and what would their homes look like if you took the magic away and gave them, you know, a mortgage?

And she doesn’t stop there, oh no. With the help of their own interior designers, they have come up with some pretty fancy propositions for Ariel, Jasmine, and the rest of the royals. And, as Vaidya insists, we now have some serious interior design envy!

Here are the layouts, as dreamed up by Money.co.uk:

Ariel, “The Little Mermaid” – An underwater paradise with a fun and colorful vibe

Ariel's undersea palace

You’d have to think Ariel would be perfectly at home with this lovely undersea set-up, with her very own clamshell bed and scalloped armchair. According to property expert and presenter of British TV show “A Place In The Sun,” Laura Hamilton:

Moodboard for a Disney princess

“The Disney-inspired Little Mermaid room is a clever design to make every aquatic princess feel they’re in their own little bubble under the sea. The graphic on the ceiling and walls can be recreated using an underwater theme wallpaper, and eBay actually provides some well-priced options. The bed and chair would need to be bespoke made and going to a prop designer would be a good place to start. They would be quite costly and I’m guessing between £3,500 and £5,000 each.”

Elsa, “Frozen” – Cool and tranquil with awe-inspiring mountain views

Elsa's Frozen home makeover

The Queen of Cool is known for her minimalist style, and this imaginary decor provides a tranquil retreat where she can escape from the pressures of royal duties for some stylish peace and quiet. This icy abode offers a spectacular set-up while enjoying expansive mountain views of her kingdom. Interior designer Lucy Coleman observed:

More home design fit for a Disney princess

“This minimalist modern style would make for a very chic apartment in the mountains. But it wouldn’t just be the views you’re paying for. The predominantly glass design wouldn’t leave much change from £12,000.”

Jasmine, “Aladdin” – A plush and luxurious boudoir fit for a princess

Princess Jasmine's luxurious boudoir

For a princess used to living in the lap of luxury, it’s only right that Jasmine should have a a truly luxurious bedroom with all the very finest furnishings. This design features a wealth of rich colors, soft fabrics such as silk, and an atmosphere of the truly regal. Laura Hamilton comments:

Disney Princesses Home Makeover Jasmine moodboard

“Polish plaster — which is also known as Tadelakt, and is something that can be used in a wet room — on the walls would create the desired look [for a princess]. A wallpaper mural is a great way of creating the view out of the window and faux plants are definitely the best option in a child’s bedroom. I think it would be possible to create an “Aladdin”-inspired bedroom for between £1,500 and £2,000 if you are going with the Tadelakt walls. If not, then you can definitely achieve it on a smaller budget.”

Aurora, “Sleeping Beauty” – Pink and girly with plenty of sleepy soft furnishings

A beautiful royal bedroom for Princess Aurora

How do you design for a sleepy princess? How about the ultimate in blush bedrooms, with a classic four-poster bed to provide the ultimate night’s sleep (making sure she has an alarm clock on her nightstand!). This room features everything a young royal person needs, from the pink ballgown to the Prince Charming poster above the bed. The large window also lets in plenty of natural light, just in case the alarm doesn’t do its job, while also providing incredible views.

Disney Princesses Home Makeover Aurora moodboard

Snow White, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” – A rustic woodland cabin with plenty of room for small friends

Snow White's home makeover

We already know Snow White is perfectly home in a woodland setting, making a home for those busy dwarfs, and she’d probably appreciate something similar of her own. The dwarf-sized beds are just the thing for Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, and Sneezy, while the natural, rustic feel has just a touch of deluxe palace style with the soft furnishings and grand fireplace. Plus, it will keep her well hidden from the Evil Queen!

Snow White's rustic cabin moodboard

For more character fun, find out what sets the Disney Princesses apart from the rest.


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