Disney to build health center for cast members


Today Disney announced the construction of a health and wellness center that will provide disney employees and their dependents who participate in the company’s health plans, an on-site choice for primary medical care and related services.

The $6 million, 15,000-square-foot facility, to be completed in 2009, will combine primary care physicians and other medical professionals with a pharmacy, lab, basic radiology and wellness and behavioral health resources. Currently, more than 40,000 Walt Disney World cast members and their dependents are eligible for benefits.

Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton and Al Weiss, president of worldwide operations for Disney Parks & Resorts, were joined by Florida Surgeon General Ana Viamonte Ros and Becky Cherney, president and CEO of the Florida Health Care Coalition, for the announcement at the Disney Casting building across from Downtown Disney.

“The new health and wellness center we are announcing today will provide cast members with an additional choice for helping them reach their health goals and, at the same time, offer an opportunity for our cast and our company to better manage health care costs over the long-term,” said Crofton.

The health and wellness center will provide:
• High-quality care facilitated by longer-than-average visits with credentialed medical professionals.
• Enhanced access to services through extended hours, weekend availability, proximity to work and same-day care for more immediate needs
• Coordinated treatment made possible by relationships with specialists and other facilities throughout the region, referral scheduling support and the latest in medical technology, including electronic medical records and prescriptions and digital radiology.

“With Florida’s large and growing population, there is a tremendous demand for quality health care throughout our state,” said Cherney. “Disney’s leadership in providing tens of thousands of members with additional choice and enhanced access to high-quality care is setting an example for how employers can help address Florida’s health care challenges.”

Cast members will continue to be able to access other Central Florida health care providers as defined by the health plan they select. To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of cast members’ personal health information, the health and wellness center – which is expected to open during fiscal year 2009 – will be operated by an industry-leading health management company to be selected in the coming months.

More pictures from the announcement here: Photo Gallery

• The health and wellness center will be built on a current parking lot backstage at Epcot.
• The center will be for full-time cast members and their dependents who participate in the company’s health plans.
• The official name of the center will be announced at a later date.



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