Walt Disney World’s MagicBands and advanced FastPass+ booking now available to all guests

Disney Magicbands on an arm

As part of the next step in the MyMagic+ rollout, guests not staying on Disney property can now book FastPass+ 30 days in advance and purchase their own MagicBand.

MagicBands and advance FastPass+ reservations were first only available to Disney resort guests, then passholders were added. Starting today, day guests not staying at a Disney resort can also make FastPass+ reservations from home up to 30 days in advance of their visit, and use the My Disney Experience app on their smartphones to make reservations on the go.

Guests not staying at a Disney resort will not be issued MagicBands with their admission tickets, but now have the option to purchase one at select merchandise locations in the parks and Downtown Disney and link them to their ticket and plans via the My Disney Experience app or website. The bands cost $12.95 plus tax and come in one of seven colors – pink, blue, red, green, orange, gray or yellow. MagicBands are not required for park admission or FastPass+ redemption.

Only guests staying at a Disney resort will be able to use their MagicBands to make purchases. Disney resort guests can also make FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance of their visit instead of 30. Guests staying at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels can make FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance of their visit, but will not be issued complimentary MagicBands. Guests at the Shades of Green Resort and hotels on Hotel Plaza Boulevard are treated as day guests. Disney says the MyMagic+ system is still in a testing stage.

For more information about MagicBands and FastPass+, be sure to order our complete guide to MagicMands and FastPass+ in our Spring 2014 issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine.

Those unfamiliar with how to make FastPass+ reservations without a MagicBand can watch our Q&A below:

How to use Disney's FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World - Q&A and FAQ plus

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  1. I never will walk around with a plastic armband with a chip in it so Disney can watch my every move, see how much I buy, where I eat, what rides I do and how much money I spend. I’m very conscious of my privacy and I don’t want to become a victim of their marketing bureau. And I’m not going to pay for it ever. If anything Disney should pay me money for data mining me. I have never, and never will, stay at Disney property hotel because I think it’s not good value for money and it limits my freedom around Orlando.
    Thankfully Disney hasn’t build any significant rides in the past 15+ years so I don’t feel the urge to visit them and won’t until they build Star Wars land that, if it’s up to the standard of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando, I maybe will visit. I think that won’t happen before 2025 so I’m good and will visit Universal Resort Orlando this winter with no chip.

    1. Paranoid much, Otto? I hope you don’t have a cell phone, computer or drive a car built in the last 5 years…otherwise… you’d better put your tinfoil hat on so the evil corporations don’t find you and steal your soul.

      Also… ‘no significant rides in the past 15+ years’… You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about.

  2. so if i went to downtown disney i can buy a magicband there! but which way should i go :D??? please help me