Select Walt Disney World passholders receiving their MagicBands

Annual passholder magicbands

With all the Walt Disney World resorts now on a full rollout of the MyMagic+ testing, annual passholders are slowly getting their invites to test the system and receive their MagicBands.

Passholder discount card at disneyRandom annual passholderers have received an e-mail inviting them to be part of the test and receive their MagicBands. For a brief time last week some passholders were also randomly picked at Disney park entrances to take part in the test, but that has since ended.

When a passholder is selected, they are able to customize their MagicBand on When they receive their band in the mail, it will include an exclusive MagicSlider for passholders, as well as a new discount card they’ll use to access free parking and discounts. The discount card is not RFID-enabled and cannot be used for entry or FastPass+.

Annual passholders who have yet to receive their invite to get their MagicBands can still utilize the FastPass+ system once they are in the parks. Recently on Orlando Attractions Magazine: The Show we went over how FastPass+ works for those without bands. You can watch that video here:

How to use Disney's FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World - Q&A and FAQ plus

If you have any other questions about MyMagic+, FastPass+ or MagicBands, you can head to our MyMagic+ FAQ. Special thanks to Michael Hackett for the photos.


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  1. Based on this informative video, I will not be spending the extra money on a Park Hopper. If I am limited to three Fast Passes per day at the same park, what is the point of moving to another park, when lines will be absurd? I am not at all happy about this new system!

    1. When you park hopped before: That second park you went to, did you ever get fastpasses for the rides you wanted to do, or where they out of fastpasses? If they did have fastpasses left, was it only for attractions that had short waits anyways? Because I’m sure that’s how it’s been, and that will be pretty much the same with this.

    2. Use your 3 fastpass reservation at the park you hop too. Strolling into HS at 4pm and riding Toy Story Mania at 4:15 is a awesome feeling!

  2. When it takes a 15 min video to explain how to use it, then it’s too complicated for the average guest. No one wants to have to go through a class before they can enjoy their vacation!