Disney World testing Toy Story Mania as a FastPass+ only ride


Don’t expect to ride Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios over the next few days unless you can secure a FastPass+. Disney is running a test through Thursday that removes the standby line.

During this test, more FastPass+ reservations will be available for the ride than usual. If you’ve already checked for FastPass+ reservations for the ride during the test and there weren’t any available, keep checking as more may have been added.

Disney has stated this is being done because, “We are testing a new process to enhance the guest experience by expanding the availability of FastPass+ so guests can enjoy more time exploring other offerings in the park and return at a designated time.”

The test is running Oct. 6 to 9, 2014, but this isn’t the first time a test like this has been done. Disney previously ran a limited time FastPass+ only test for meeting some characters.

Rumors have been circulating that the soundstage next to Toy Story Midway Mania, where Wandering Oaken’s and Darth’s Mall were housed, will become an extra track for the Toy Story ride, in order to shorten the long waits. But that’s only speculation at this point.

Rex and Trixie's Dino Darts game added to Toy Story Mania ride

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  1. What a rotten idea. If it goes park-wide people will just be rushing to get to their next appointment. Take the fun and spontaneity out of Disney World. Sheesh!

  2. This is an awful idea…beyond awful. I love Disney, live in MA and have been a passholder 4 out of the last 5 years (including currently). Disney has apparently become obsessed with the idea of having every ‘guest’ having every minute of every day in your vacation planned in advance. For me, and everyone in our ‘group’- we couldn’t disagree more. It has become bad enough over the last few years trying just to make dinner reservations…because if you don’t book them 180 days in advance, all the highly desirable spots are booked. Now with magicbands, you have to book all your rides in advance….and soon (by the looks of it), you won’t even have the option to ride rides that aren’t fastpassed in advanced? So evidently Disney wants to eliminate all spontaneity in your vacation. I hate this, I don’t mind making dinner reservations a few weeks in advance, but 6 months?…now rides have to be all planned too….it just leaves no flexibility. When we do a HS day, we typically ride TSM 3 or 4 times- as it stands, you can only FP a ride once per day…If I can only ride it once, and they remove the stand by line- there honestly is no need for me to go there. It’s really unfortunate

    1. Tom – You are able to use the FastPass+ system to experience a ride more than once in a day, but you can only have one reservation for a ride at one time. After you have completed all three of your pre-scheduled FastPass+ experiences, you can head over to a kiosk and reserve another, and it certainly can be one that you have already experienced that day.

      If Disney is looking to go FastPass+ only on certain rides, that would obviously open up a lot more FastPass+ spaces, and I’m sure a block of these spaces would be reserved for day-of reservations.

      Personally, I’d rather get a time to come back than stand in a line for 3+ hours on a busy day.

  3. When I first started going to Disney, I preferred it over other theme parks because you didn’t have to run from one side of the park to the other to make it to a scheduled ‘show’. I love Disney but over the year, and especially recently, too much of our day needs to be scheduled. It doesn’t matter to me how many fast passes I can get in one day, I do not find scheduling my day exciting.

    The theory that it saves standing in line for a long period of time is just a band aid approach to solving why the lines are so long in the first place. The use of FP for parade/firework viewing is most annoying to me. I just don’t like this idea at all.