Disneyland Paris shares update on Cars Route 66 Road Trip attraction

Disneyland Paris recently shared an update and photos for the upcoming attraction, Cars Route 66 Road Trip, which is set to debut in 2021 at Walt Disney Studios Park.

cars route 66 road trip
Photos courtesy of Disneyland Paris

The sneak peek shared a look at the attraction’s new boarding station, which is inspired by mid-century modern architecture with several nods to the automotive world of Pixar’s “Cars.”

cars route 66 road trip

Guests will enter the station through a tourist booth filled with maps, postcards, and other decorative items. The loading station, which is about halfway through construction, is the first building built outside the current perimeter of Walt Disney Studios Park. Once completed, it will be accessible to guests by a new road that extends from Toy Story Playland.

cars route 66 road trip

Cars Route 66 Road Trip represents the first step in the multi-year expansion of Walt Disney Studios Park.

Stay tuned for more updates on this attraction and Disneyland Paris as we await its grand opening next year!


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