Disneyland Resort updates PSA campaign with two new tips

As part of their “Together We Can Be Incredible” public service campaign, Disneyland Resort is making healthy and safety fun, with two exciting new “Tips” featuring everyone’s favorite super hero family.


It takes a team to defeat a villain, and it takes teamwork to defeat a pandemic. That’s where Disneyland Resort’s “Together We Can Be Incredible” campaign, featuring characters from Disney and Pixar’s “The Incredibles” come in, sharing tips and tricks to keep everyone healthy.

The health-awareness drive uses digital billboards, radio, TV, social media content and more to get the message across, and encourages Orange County and Los Angeles County residents to adhere to CDC guidelines to protect their communities, in a fun, inspiring way.

That campaign has now been updated to include two new “Tips” on banners, dynamic digital billboards, and fun social media content, each featuring Frozone and Violet.

Frozone’s tip is, “Fever? Chill at Home,” and Violet’s message is, “Stay in Your Bubble. Help Protect Yourself and Others.”

These tips join the three other Incredibles character messages that launched the initiative:

  • Edna “E” Mode – “Wear Your Face Covering, Dahling” (It’s smart, and it’s stylish!)
  • Dash – “Dash Off To Wash Your Hands Frequently” (Hum an incredible tune for at least 20 seconds while washing your hands)
  • Elastigirl –“Maintain Proper Distance” (Keep at least 6 feet between yourself and others)

Disneyland Resort reminds us we can all join forces and Be Incredible! To see the entire campaign, visit Disney.Go.com.


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