Donkey Kong and Yoshi track installation in Super Nintendo World at Universal’s Epic Universe

Super Nintendo World is under construction in Florida for the Universal Orlando Resort. This version of the land will have three times as many attractions as the version in Hollywood. Thanks to Peaceful Thrill Seeker on Instagram, we can get detailed views of the Donkey Kong and Yoshi track installation inside Super Nintendo World at Universal’s Epic Universe, their newest theme park currently being built.

Super Nintendo World track installation captured by Peaceful Thrill Seeker's drone.
Drone photo by Peaceful Thrill Seeker. Piranha Plant image provided by Universal Studios Hollywood.

Super Nintendo World has been wildly popular everywhere it has opened. First in Japan, this area was built and opened during the peaks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with restrictions for work and social distancing, this land swept the theme park world with rave reviews.

Universal Studios Hollywood recently opened their version of Super Nintendo World with a huge opening ceremony. This land still receives crowds swarming to enjoy this interactive and vibrant land.

Yoshi Ride Track

Aerial overview of Super Nintendo World at Universal's Epic Universe.

One ride Universal’s Epic Universe will have that Universal Studios Hollywood does not, is a family-friendly Yoshi ride. For fans of Walt Disney World’s TTA PeopleMover, this is a similar idea. This slow-moving ride will take guests “on the back” of Yoshi creatures. Guests will get sweeping views of Super Nintendo World as they search for Yoshi Eggs in this dark ride experience.

Here’s look at the Yoshi ride at Universal Studios Japan:

Yoshi's Adventure Full Ride POV at Universal Studios Japan

This Super Nintendo World track installation is one of the easiest to notice admist the rising steel of this upcoming land. The bright yellow track and green/yellow coverings really highlight the progress.

Mushroom Kingdom

Key Mario and Yoshi elements inside Universal's Epic Universe construction.

There is a lot going on in this image. The yellow arrow is the warp pipe to enter the land. Rumors say every land at Universal’s Epic Universe will have a tunnel entrance (we spoke on this in a previous roller coaster construction article).

The blue arrow is pointing to where the large Bowser’s Castle facade should be. This would be the entrance to the Mario Kart augmented reality attraction. The massive show building behind this entrance will be dedicated to the ride and its highly-detailed queue.

The green arrow is the structure for Mount Beanpole, the tallest point of the entire land. This should also be the load area for the Yoshi’s Adventure ride.

The red arrow is a section no Super Nintendo World at any Universal Studios Park currently has (but is currently being built for Universal Studios Japan). This will be the entrance to the Donkey Kong section. This area is rumored to have a tiki bar, a merchandise kart, and one of the most advanced roller coasters ever created.

Around Super Nintendo World

External construction right outside of Super Nintendo World.

Outside of the land we have some other items to notice. The yellow arrow is pointing towards what some believe to be a BBQ restaurant (like the upcoming Toy Story Roundup Rodeo BBQ). This restaurant would be outside of Super Nintendo World, but would have an entrance near the warp pipe entry.

The blue arrow is pointing towards a construction worker. Almost impossible to see, that little neon yellow speck helps give scale to the size of this project.

The green arrow is pointing towards an upcoming new road. This roadway has had a few proposed names, such as Epic Boulevard, Epic Parkway, and Universal Way. Universal has applied for a few other road names, such as Stella Nova Way, Stella Nova Place, and Terra Luna Place.

Lastly, at the red arrow, we can see work moving ahead swiftly on an upcoming themed hotel offering. There will be a better image of this hotel later in the article.

Donkey Kong Track

Donkey Kong Country elements underway at Super Nintendo World track installation.

Here is another view of the upcoming Donkey Kong area. While not confirmed, one suggested name for this upcoming coaster is Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness. When complete, this area should be filled with lush trees, flowing water, and a Donkey Kong jungle temple, as seen in the Donkey Kong Country video games.

This roller coaster is expected to be world-class, with theming and coaster track elements that have never before been used. This coaster is rumored to fit four to six riders per vehicle, and each vehicle will go out on its own. Unlike the train of coaster vehicles in rides like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, this ride may employ single vehicles like Test Track at Epcot.

This space will be different in appearance from the Super Mario area of Super Nintendo World. Instead of the colorful blocks, massive Bowser facade, and lively animatronic characters, it’s expected to be filled with lush vegetation, a large jungle temple facade, and lots of flowing water. Although this area will still feel like a video game. It isn’t expected to be hyper-realistic.

Epic Universe Hotel

Rumored spaceship themed hotel at Universal's Epic Universe parcel.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a closer look at the hotel construction. From the oddly shaped windows and huge archway, we are already intrigued. As this upcoming theme park will be called Universal’s Epic Universe, it would make sense for a spaceship themed resort hotel to be built nearby.

The top level of the curved portion of this hotel looks like it could be a perfectly situated lounge and bar. If so, the map above shows the approximate view from this lounge space. Imagine a space themed bar, overlooking this new park, with views of a fountain show or fireworks happening nightly.

This is what we can see so far from above Universal’s Epic Universe. More Super Nintendo World track installation will happen as the months and years go by, and we are keeping a close eye on what’s to come. Stay tuned.


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