Final weeks of construction on Toy Story Roundup Rodeo BBQ

With only three weeks left until the grand opening, the Toy Story Land Roundup Rodeo BBQ is nearly complete. Starting March 23, 2023, endless rounds of BBQ meat (or vegan options), cheddar biscuits, salads, and themed desserts will brought to the table.

Toy Story Land Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction is nearly complete at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The entrance sign is still waiting to be revealed, but otherwise Roundup Rodeo BBQ is nearly ready to go. We already posted the full menu with photos and a link to the Disney site to grab reservations.

Final steps in the lighting package setup for Toy Story BBQ restaurant.

On Feb. 10, we caught footage of construction workers at the Toy Story BBQ entrance. Now we can see that the lighting package is almost done. There are probably just a few night tests left with this exterior lighting before it will be wrapped up. Until then, we will keep an eye out.

A view of the final pieces of construction ongoing at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Toy Story Land.
Photo by Matt Roseboom

From this angle, we can see the walkway is almost complete, the final prop pieces have minimal covering, and we should expect landscaping to arrive soon. Another bonus, we can see a fan setup. Whether it’s meant for Cast Members or waiting families, fans in the hot Florida summer are always welcome.

A far-away view of the Roundup Rodeo BBQ

This view, seen from the gigantic Pixar Ball photo-op in the land, gives you a preview of the color and cartoon design that awaits. This restaurant will be larger than life, with massive props, colorful designs, and nods to the films.

Patriotic buntings meant to look hand-drawn by Andy from Toy Story at the Roundup Rodeo BBQ entrance.

I want to bring attention to these drawings. Little details like this are what I love about Toy Story Land and Walt Disney Imagineering. The hand-drawn crayon look, with the tape to keep it attached are small details that tell a story. I personally love these additions and can’t wait to see what’s waiting inside.

Toy Story Roundup Rodeo BBQ Construction – Three Weeks Until Opening at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Were you able to grab a reservation for this Toy Story BBQ restaurant? It will be the first indoor and air-conditioned eatery in Toy Story Land. This is a welcome addition, as is the idea of never-ending entrees and sides. While some may prefer à la carte choices, I feel family-style works well in this location, and will allow for faster service and more tasting options. Simply sit down, pick your drink, share some food, and eat up!

The Toy Story Land Roundup Rodeo BBQ is behind planter walls for now, but soon we can say, “hey, howdy, hey!” Head to the Roundup Rodeo BBQ site to grab reservations.

"Howdy Partners" Toy Story BBQ signage at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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