Dream Vision Interiors offers immersive home entertainment spaces in Orlando

The unique interior design company, Dream Vision Interiors (DVI), has opened in Orlando to create amazing, award-winning, and fun-filled home entertainment spaces for Florida homeowners.

Dream Vision Interiors, Toy Store and Arcade
Photos courtesy of Dream Vision Interiors

With more than 40 years of experience in lighting, art, audio/video technology, model-making, fabrication, painting, and special effects, the award-winning co-founders of DVI—Jim and Kris Duffy—are bringing theme park-level immersive design elements into the world of high-end home entertainment through authentic dream spaces for families to enjoy.

“We are thrilled to debut DVI in Orlando, Florida, which is known for its world-class attractions and themed environments,” said Jim Duffy, vice president and senior designer of DVI. “There’s an amazing talent pool in Central Florida we’ll tap into for artists, fabricators, architects, and technicians on the cutting edge of family entertainment. That’s important to us since we are essentially bringing theme park-style design concepts into the home.”

Dream Vision Interiors, Soda Shop

The Duffys’ process of transforming homeowners’ dreams into reality begins with an extensive interview to learn the clients’ background and personal interests. They then create design sketches, façade elevations, and floor layouts that lead to the blueprints and construction phase. Through this method, DVI can transform ordinary residential spaces into a Bronx street scene, a toy store and arcade, an old-time soda shoppe, and even a recreation of the iconic Cavern Club pub in Liverpool, England, where The Beatles made their debut.

Dream Vision Interiors, Cavern Club

Combining an “obsessive attention to detail,” advanced technology, and storytelling talent, DVI creates home entertainment centers that tie multiple rooms together into a cohesive environment. The company then brings the immersive environment to life by incorporating the homeowner’s interests and history and featuring personal touches like family crests on building facades, family names in the signage, and family photos in displays.

Dream Vision Interiors, Bronx Street

The experienced set designers’ goal is to create unique custom entertainment spaces that reflect the family’s interests, hobbies, and favorite activities. In this way, they can bring worlds of fantasy, history, and imagination to life, just like having a personal theme park at home.

“A big part of what makes theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios so enjoyable is their immersive environment – the ability to step out of reality and into a fantastic new world of fun and entertainment,” the company’s website explains. “At Dream Vision Interiors, we bring this immersive philosophy into residential entertainment design. Once you step inside your unique space, you will be leaving the daily grind behind and escaping into your own custom-designed world of entertainment.”

Dream Vision Interiors, Egyptian Theater

Some of the multi-space environments created by DVI include:

  • Home Theaters
  • Pubs/Lounges/Tiki Bars
  • Hobby/Craft Spaces
  • Music Rooms/Jazz Clubs
  • Disco/Dance Rooms
  • Game Rooms/Shooting Galleries
  • Soda/Ice Cream/Pizza Shops
  • Home Casinos
  • Collection Display Rooms
  • Private Social Clubs
  • Home Gyms/Sporting Rooms
  • Dens/Media Rooms
  • Themed Workshops/Garages
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Environments
  • Old Hollywood/Movie Studio Environments
  • Street Settings
  • Town Square Settings
  • Western Settings

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