World’s largest indoor ropes course arrives in Ohio

This month, Walltopia, producers of advanced climbing facilities for attractions, has added another world record to their collection – the biggest indoor ropes course in the world.

indoor ropes course

The newest record-holder is Play: CBUS in Worthington, Ohio, a 52,000-square-foot indoor active entertainment facility, with 129 different obstacles in the course – ten more than the previous record holder, the Summit Ropes that Walltopia created last year.

indoor ropes course

Play: CBUS is Play Holdings’ second facility completely designed, engineered and produced by Walltopia.

“To be honest, the most challenging part of a big project like Play: CBUS is not the scale, but creating a mix of attractions that achieve the right balance between physical challenge and entertainment, for people of different ages and interests,” said Konstantin Karamfilov, product manager for the Active Entertainment in Walltopia.

indoor ropes course

Click here to learn more about Play: CBUS and how you can experience this record-breaking ropes course for yourself.


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