Dream Vision Interiors teaming up with The Companies of Nassal to create immersive spaces in Central Florida homes

by Attractions Magazine Staff

Dream Vision Interiors, an Orlando-based interior design company that creates immersive spaces for homeowners, has announced that it is teaming up with The Companies of Nassal — a fabrication group that specializes in theme park attractions, specialty destinations, and experiences.

dream vision interiors

Through this new partnership, the companies will bring unique, imaginative worlds to life with custom-designed, multi-space environments that include game rooms, home theaters, pubs, jazz clubs, hobby rooms, casinos, soda and ice cream parlors, and more.

dream vision interiors

“This partnership is an amazing opportunity for our clients, as it will allow them to have the same fabrication team who helped create some of the most iconic experiences in theme parks around the world to now create themed environments for their own home,” said Jim Duffy, vice president and senior designer of Dream Vision Interiors. “With Dream Vision Interiors’ story-driven approach to designing the most creative, interactive and immersive environments you can imagine, and Nassal’s team taking those designs from paper to reality, the level of residential entertainment spaces has just entered a whole new level of creativity.”

dream vision interiors

Dream Vision Interiors’ team will focus on customer relations, concepts, interior design, staging, prop development (including animatronics), and the overall creative vision for each residential entertainment center. Nassal’s team will take the design from idea to reality and create custom fabricated elements for each project. Both companies will focus business in Central Florida, with plans to expand later to markets across the U.S.

“The opportunity to partner with Dream Vision Interiors really came at the perfect time,” said Matt Brown, partner at The Companies of Nassal. “With the shift in the world in 2020, we had been looking to expand our services more into the residential market, and after seeing the creativity and attention to detail Dream Vision Interiors offer its clients, we knew we wanted to collaborate with their talented team.”

dream vision interiors

And how much would one of these immersive additions to your home cost? Well, it depends.

“As you can imagine, when it comes to creating immersive experiences, there are many variables at play in terms of what we can create. Our projects have ranged from transforming single rooms to an 8,000-square-foot home addition. The budgets on these projects range from $35,000 to over $2 million,” said Dream Vision Interiors in a statement. “Each project is different and it really comes down to what the client is looking for and what their individual interests and pastimes are.”

To learn more about creating an immersive home experience in Central Florida, call (407) 217-5482 or visit DreamVisionInteriors.com.


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