Entrepreneur Charles Entertainment Cheese licenses water park

The 46-year-old businessmouse Charles Entertainment Cheese — you may know him less formally as Chuck E. Cheese — will expand his portfolio beyond family fun centers and into the water park sector with Calibunga in Sacramento, Calif.

Charles Entertainment Cheese aka Chuck E. Cheese at Calibunga Water Park
Image courtesy of CEC Entertainment/California Dreamin’

A new company called California Dreamin’ is currently transforming the water park formerly known as Raging Waters Sacramento into a re-imagined venture called Calibunga. The park is located at Cal Expo, aka the California State Fairgrounds.

Charles Entertainment Cheese: Licensor of Water Parks, Friend to All

As part of the overhaul of the water park, California Dreamin’ will partner with CEC Entertainment to integrate Chuck E. Cheese and his pals into Calibunga’s theming.

Chuck E. Cheese Splash Zone at Calibunga

Chuck E. will welcomes guests to a children’s area, a combo arcade/retail location, character greetings, and Pasqually’s Pizzeria Restaurant, named after Chuck E.’s good friend.

Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowels, and Bella B. will also be part of the fun.

An “Exciting and Natural Step”

Calibunga will be the first location-based project for the Chuck E. Cheese intellectual property.

“In nearly 50 years, Chuck E. Cheese has hosted more than one billion guests and is one of the most popular children’s properties in and outside our fun centers,” said David McKillips, president and CEO of CEC Entertainment, in a press release. “Evolving our IP in new areas of location-based entertainment is another exciting and natural step for our iconic family-friendly brand.”

We interviewed McKillips in 2021 shortly after he became the company’s CEO:

As the creatives and business leaders of California Dreamin’ begin their company’s portfolio, they’re glad to learn from experienced minds at CEC Entertainment.

Chuck E. Cheese is an instantly recognized premiere kids and family brand that transcends generations,” said Steve Dooner, CEO of California Dreamin’. “With millions of fans in California and around the world, this will be a fun and unique themed experience for our guests. Plus, the company’s expertise leading the industry with the world’s best arcades, innovation in F&B [food & beverage], and original entertainment makes for a perfect partnership for our park.”

More Calibunga Upgrades

Elsewhere throughout Calibunga, California Dreamin’ will renovate Raging Waters with a new wave pool, a surfing attraction, new slides, and an expanded lazy river.

California Dreamin’ will also operate an establishment called Cal Soleil near Calibunga with a year-round restaurant and wine bar.


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