Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival as a snowy wonderland


By Don Gworek

Infrared photography is form of black and white photography that seemingly transforms landscapes into snowy sculptures. The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is a perfect time to take an imaginative look at Epcot as if it was in a frozen winter.

sseLake3 The infrared camera makes it seem like Spaceship Earth is surrounded by snow-covered trees at a frozen pond.

innoventions Really, these snowy-looking trees are tabebuia trees filled with spring-time pink blossoms.

sseHill The landscaping here has the shape and form of snow drifts.

mickey A snowy Mickey and Minnie seem thrilled by the fresh snowfall.

ostrich Snowy Fantasia ballet dancers ruffle their feathers and perform in deep snow.

sseWest1 A palm tree casts a shadow across a snowy lawn with ice floating in a nearby pond.

monorail1a The monorail passes over an icy lake.

SSElake1 Snowy islands in the World Showcase lagoon.

china Roofs of Norway and China rise above the frosty landscape.

germany Germany is framed by ice and snow-coated trees.

simba This topiary scene from “The Lion King” looks like ice and snow sculptures.

snow1b Snow White in a white snow dress.

bonsai A Bonsai tree in Japan looms over smaller snowy trees in the distance.

belle1 Just like in the movie, Beast and Belle are enjoying the snow.

tower1 Holiday trees line the walkways.

floral The snowfall coats the shoreline of a pond.

imagination Figment and the Imagination pavilion are the inspiration for this different look at Epcot.

butterflies Snow sculpture butterflies.

butterfly1FC Now that infrared photography is digital, the images can be recorded in false color for different bands of the infrared spectrum. Here, flowers and leaves reflect different kinds of infrared light, allowing the butterfly to stand out in a different kind of look.

waspFC This wasp, pollinating a flower, also stands out against the petals and leaves.

monorailAppearFC The leaves of the trees form a background to the monorail, but note how each type of tree has its own hue in infrared light.

sleeping1FC Our imaginative journey returns to where it began, with Sleeping Beauty. This time dancing underneath fanciful trees.


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