Epcot Photo Update

Some friends were in town this week so we made a full day trip to Epcot. Here are some things that caught my eye.
We start at the front of the park where the line for Spaceship Earth was very long early in the day. A tip for those who don’t know: wait and ride Spaceship Earth later when the lines are much shorter.

We saw bunnies and baby bunnies all over the park in the grassy areas. They were very cute and drew a small crowd.

The first of two hidden Mickeys that I hadn’t noticed before. This one was in the fish tank in the Living With The Land ride.

This one is on the Club Cool sign.

They had quite a bit of American Idol Experience merchandise for sale inside Club Cool. It seemed a bit out of place to me since the Experience is in Hollywood Studios, but I guess Coke is one of the main sponsors of the show.

This fire truck has been in Innoventions West for a while so I mostly ignore it, but this time I noticed a couple of things I hadn’t before. You can scroll the wheels on this display to see the patches from different fire stations around the country. Once selected, it gives you information about that fire department.

On down from that is a place where you can take your photo next to the truck, then go to the nearby computer screens and add some fire hats and other things to your picture, then e-mail it to yourself.

This store used to house the Kidcot Fun Stop in the Mexico pavillion. Now the Kidcot area is right as you enter the building.

This was my first time seeing these for sale. They’re called Mickey Monsters and they’re plush monsters in the shape of Mickey Mouse. These were available in the Mouse Gear store.

When I walked into the Mission: Space store I saw more merchandise that seemed out of place. They had a whole wall full of Star Wars toys.

But I was glad to find these. The new series of Disney Star Wars figures weren’t ready in time for Star Wars Weekends. But they’re out now.

I’ll end the update with a look at some Mission: Space T-shirt designs. I like how the planets form a hidden Mickey in the top right design.


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