Escape Goat attraction now open in Central Florida

Escape Goat Picture
Each of Escape Goat’s rooms feature a goat hidden somewhere.

By Andy Haynes

Escape Goat, an all new escape room experience, is now open in Winter Garden, Fla. The Escape Goat (a play on the word ‘scapegoat’) follows the typical escape room style, locking players in a puzzle-filled room and giving them an hour to find their way out. Attendees are also encouraged to try and complete special achievements such as finishing a room under a certain time or not using any hints.

Family owned and operated, the attraction currently features two complete rooms with additional rooms planned for the future. Each room contains a variety of puzzle types ranging from math and word problems to complicated mazes and mechanical devices. Also present is an attendant who remains in character to provide hints and additional story elements.

Escape Goat Area 51
Escape Goat features professionally built props and scenery.

The current room offerings, themed after Sherlock Holmes and a haunted summer camp, feature state of the art light and sound effects as well as practical effects such as moving walls and scenery. Their upcoming room, themed around Area 51, will feature props and scenery created by some of the designers and craftsmen who have previously worked on Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

To book a room at the Escape Goat or to find out more, visit their website at


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