Escape at Hilton Orlando with an overnight escape room experience

by Brittani Tuttle

This summer, Hilton Orlando is inviting guests to experience the “world’s Largest (and Tallest) Escape Room Experience” this summer, as the entire resort is transformed.

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Photos via Hilton Orlando

Packed full of complex clues, challenges, and augmented reality (AR), the experience leads up to a climactic finale. However, this isn’t your average escape room. Instead of trying to break out of something, guests will attempt to unlock a huge secret hidden within the resort.

Check out the prompt for the summer and fall escape room experience, The Spy Game, below:

Attention agents!  This just in. We have an opportunity to bust one of the largest spy operations in the world. We’ve been tracking the head spy for a while now, and we’re happy to report that she has been located and captured! However, she is not talking.

We’ve managed to access the channel she’s using to communicate to her spy allies. According to what we’ve heard, we now have reason to believe that the leader of the spy operation has been staying at Hilton Orlando all along, and if we can find her secret base at the resort, we will be able to obtain the code word needed to enter their system and shut this operation down once and for all.

It appears that in the event of her own capture, she left a series of complex clues throughout the resort for her allies to solve that will lead them to her secret base. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pose as one of her spy allies, solve these clues, break into the secret base and intercept the communication to collect the code word. Good luck – we’re counting on you!

How Escape Works

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The game begins the moment guests check into Hilton Orlando. Upon arrival, participants will be given a case file with a QR code to access The Spy communication via smart device. Other highlights of the experience include:

  • Exclusive case file with instructions and mission assistance notes
  • Five missions that can be completed in any order and on your own time during your stay
  • Clues from each completed mission to unlock the head spy’s secret base
  • Indoor-outdoor missions that span the entire property
  • Augmented reality designed to blend in without causing too much attention
  • More surprises to be found along the way

This escape experience is not intended to be completed all at once, as the mission will stay live on your smart device during your stay. The anticipated completion time for the entire Escape At Hilton Orlando experience is 3-4 hours — but your time isn’t clocked when you close the app to take a break or head out to Orlando’s theme parks. Keep in mind that Hilton team members have no knowledge of the details of the mission, so asking for help is futile and could compromise your mission.

hilton orlando

Escape At Hilton Orlando is a virtual interactive experience that requires participants to download a third-party app; additionally, a smart device is required to participate. The Spy Game experience is running now through Oct. 31.

To learn more, and to book the experience for yourself and your team of spies, click here.


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