Experience the “good vibes” of vibrational sound therapy at Four Seasons Orlando

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando is putting a new twist on a centuries-old practice with its new Vibrational Sound Therapy treatment, which claims to provide a natural way of ‘cleansing negative energy and emotions.’

Four Seasons Orlando Vibrational Sound Therapy
Let sound vibrations soothe your body and soul at The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando.

The new Vibrational Sound Therapy now offered by The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando uses custom Himalayan singing bowls placed on and around the participant’s body to ‘achieve a restorative, peaceful state.’ Vibrations from the therapist’s techniques with the bowls assist to alleviate stressful thoughts and transform the energies of the body and mind.

“People often joke about ‘good vibes,’” says Derek Hofmann, Senior Director of Spa for Four Seasons Resort Orlando. “However, when one experiences this treatment, the meaning of ‘good vibes’ is fully realised, as the advantages of vibrational sound therapy are plentiful and impact us on a cellular level. In today’s day and age where technology and toxins abound, the healing benefits from this treatment are extremely beneficial.”

Four Seasons Orlando Vibrational Sound Therapy

The treatment features special bowls, mallets and cushions made by craftsmen in a region of Nepal. The hand-hammered bowls are made from bell metal, used for more than 3,000 years, and are crafted with different designs in the metal to assist in carrying the sound vibrations throughout the bowl.  The bowls are placed on tiny cushions and gently set on and around the body. The mallets used to create the vibrations in the bowls are also made by Nepali craftsmen, featuring teak wood and leather.

The various mallets and sticks used by the therapist produce beautifully peaceful, clear, harmonic sounds. Small tingsha bells are made of bell metal cymbals, used to begin and end the treatment session, as they produce a high-pitched tone with a soothing, rich sound to awaken the spirit. Each of the bowls has its own unique sound character to assist in creating a wealth of emotional sensations and feelings.

Four Seasons Orlando Vibrational Sound Therapy

Some of the key purported benefits of sound therapy include an increase in energy, creativity and motivation; removal of toxins; stimulation of circulation; overall stress reduction; and deep relaxation.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is offered as a 50 minute treatment for $190 or an 80 minute treatment for $275. 

To reserve the Vibrational Sound Therapy, call 407-313-6160, or visitfourseasons.com/orlando/spa for more information, and watch these videos from the Four Seasons Resort Orlando:

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