Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition now open on International Drive

by Brittani Tuttle
international drive

Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition is now open to guests on International Drive.

Premier Exhibitions’ newest attraction, Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition, is now open to guests on International Drive. Visitors now have the chance to experience the Mesozoic Era like never before!

With this exhibit specifically designed for Orlando, it allows guests to come close with animatronic dinosaurs that snarl, blink, move their limbs, open their jaws and roar, showcasing all of their might that they had when they once roamed the Earth.

“Premier is thrilled to introduce Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition as a specifically curated hands-on experience for the Orlando community. This larger-than-life exhibition integrates both classic dinosaurs and recent discoveries behind predator/prey relationships into one show, using paleontological findings from around the globe,” said Katherine Seymour, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Premier Exhibitions, Inc. “Our team prides themselves on executing family-friendly entertainment coupled with immersive educational activities and we look forward to bringing another exceptional opportunity to International Drive.”

international drive

The dinosaur animatronics can blink, move their limbs and roar at guests.

Guests can gaze up at a Gigantoraptor, watch a Velociraptor and Protoceratops battle, and stand in awe beneath the “King of the Dinosaurs,” the Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are also real and replica fossils on display, along with five full-size dinosaur skeletons. The skeleton displays include the Yangchuanosaurus, the Mamenchisaurus and the Monolophosaurus.

This exhibit features both educational and interactive activities, where kids can explore and discover in the dig site, learn about dinosaur anatomy with a large-scale puzzle, compare their weight to that of a dinosaur, and get hands-on with touchable fossils.

“Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition presents many of those encounters that we’ve all been fascinated with, whether it’s been in the movies, book, graphic novels or classic movies. We’re going to see who fights who and what special physical features may have given an advantage to the winner. We all have preconceived ideas about which creatures typically conquered the other, however, scientists are discovering many David and Goliath outcomes in the prehistoric world,” said Teresa White, curator for Extreme Dinosaurs. “The featured dinosaurs had distinct and clever survival tactics and Extreme Dinosaurs has illustrated these unique characteristics to show some surprising outcomes.”

Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition is now open on I-Drive next to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Tickets to the exhibit are $16.95 for adults ages 13 and up, $14.95 for seniors and students with ID, $11.95 for kids ages 4-12, with kids ages 3 and under free.

For more information, visit dinosorlando.com. Check out Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibit in a segment on a future episode of The Show.


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Abby Mydino October 20, 2017 - 1:38 am

I really want to go to Orlando to see a dinosaur show. It would be amazing!

BonnieJean Grady January 21, 2018 - 11:14 pm

WASTE OF MONEY! Paid almost $100 for two children and three adults. We had forgotten the $2 off coupon and they wouldn’t even give us a discount. We paid, THEN they tell us that we can’t take pictures! I just paid $100 and can’t take pictures??? I do NOT like places that don’t allow you to take pictures after you pay, and I PAID to be there! To be honest, the place isn’t worth the amount of money you pay. You can walk the whole place in 15 minute, with very little in the way of dinosaurs. I would give this place 3 stars, if I could at least take pictures, but with the rude attitudes of the staff, no pictures allowed, very little to see, and the fact that they don’t let you download the pictures that they take and sell of you, I don’t even want to give this a negative star. They sell you 1 picture for $15, 2 pictures for $20, or 3 pictures for $25… No flashdrive or digital download. I drive Uber and tour guide, I will NOT recommended this place! Don’t waste your time or money!


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